Look Who's Holding Infinity Stones In Marvel Teaser For February

Marvel is teasing something for February, just in time for Avengers: Infinity War. In a press release sent out today, the House of Ideas sent out the following teaser image, showing Star-Lord, Wolverine, and Captain Marvel in possession of three of the infinity stones:

Look Who's Holding Infinity Stones In Marvel Teaser For February

Along with what we can only assume to be poetry from the diary of brand new Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski:

They Hold Infinity!

Power. Space. Reality.

Three stones collected.

Who will hold Infinity?

The countdown begins this February!

Not only is that poetry moving, but the fresh, new-editor smell of Cebulski makes us cautiously optimistic that if Marvel is teasing their next big super-mega-crossover event, things might be different this time. That's about as bullish on a potential Marvel event we've been in years.

So what can we learn from analyzing this teaser? Wolverine has taken to wearing hats again, but we knew that much already, because we saw him pick the stone up in Marvel Legacy #1, and Rich Johnston speculated that Marvel's cosmic road to ultimate movie synergy could begin in Guardians of the Galaxy #150 in January. We're even almost glad to see that furry little Mary Sue, considering he actually managed to stay dead for 154 weeks… well, if you don't count the five other Wolverines (one of which is a literal wolverine).

Look Who's Holding Infinity Stones In Marvel Teaser For February

And could this be a meta-super-mega-crossover event? The teaser references two different event comics, the beloved classic Infinity Gauntlet, and the abysmal DC weekly disaster, Countdown. Is this a subtle shot at the competition? Or is Marvel trying to comment on the duality of corporate comic book publishing, showing us that all super-mega-crossover events are both good and bad at the same time?


We aren't totally opposed to finding out more about this.

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