Justice League #49 Review: Wants To Say Something Important

Since the shenanigans last issue, the Justice League is running a planet full of people that hate each other. No, not this one, a wholly alien one, where they have taken over by force and are ruling with even less actual knowledge and attention to detail than the leaders of their collective world of origin.

Justice League #49 Review: Wants To Say Something Important
The cover of Justice League #49. Credit: DC Comics
Once again, Wonder Woman tries, so very hard, to show the almost homogeneously composed League the error of their ways as they endanger immortal souls, break strict cultural prohibitions, and generally screw things up.
The issue with superhero storytelling — and many means of what's now being called "copaganda" — is that it both reinforces the idea of might making things right. It also often props up a status quo that is not only inequitable to a large group of people but sometimes intensively negative.
It's crystal clear that this Si Spurrier script wants to say something important, but through this issue and the last, all its shown is the needlessly fascist tendencies of the spandex set and make Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern (John Stewart, who should really know better after that Mosaic foolishness) look really, really bad. Likewise, the plot kind of pinballs aimlessly between snafus and stumblings.

There's nothing wrong with the delivery of visual assets from Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, David Baron, and Tom Napolitano. The oddly amorphous alien bodies are presented with clarity and work well in their equally unusual (for the reader) environments. Diana has a kind of exhausted grace as she moves between floundering friends and wary new acquaintances. All of this looks good, but it mostly focuses on the shortcomings of the biggest names in the DC Universe. RATING: NO. JUST … NO.

Justice League #49
"The Rule of War" part two! After the devastating events of last issue, the League is separated and labeled as alien visitors on a war-torn planet. With events spiraling out of control, and no leader to guide planet Trotha's citizens, how can the League save this world without interfering? As the team battles rogue factions, Batman makes a startling discovery that will threaten any hope the team has of returning home!

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