"Neil Gaiman Gloating Over Stealing From Todd McFarlane"

"Neil Gaiman Gloating Over Stealing From Todd McFarlane"Dan Slott, Jimmy Palmiotti and Colleen Doran have been knocking back and forth the pros and cons of creator owned comics versus work for hire, sharing their own experiences and, for example, how Sandman pays Colleen's heathcare bills. It was all rather civil.

But then Erik Larsen joined in. And it all got a little… rambunctious.

Jimmy Palmiotti: point was that if we create something new for a big company, they should share with us a small % of the creation.

Erik Larsen: If you create something you should own it. If anything the big company should get that tiny percentage.

Tom Daylight: not if the big company was paying your rent whilst taking a risk on your creation

Dan Slott: So like Neil Gaiman and all the IP he created while working on SPAWN. That's what you're saying?

Erik Larsen: I would[n't] expect to own Spider-Man on a horse, no, or characters derived from existing ones.

Erik Larsen: I meant ORIGINAL creations not evil twins or variations. Don't expect to own Rainbow Batman

Neil Gaiman: so you're pleased I got Angela then? Good to know.

Jimmy Palmiotti: hahahah

Erik Larsen: i dont believe you "created" a Spawn hunter with Spawn earrings who is an angel instead of a devil in a vacuum, no.

Erik Larsen: if Angela was an original creation she could stand on her own and she doesn't. She's a variation on a theme. A cypher.

Gavin Higginbotham: 3…2…1… And… Bleeding Cool article.

Erik Larsen: ugh. Don't encourage them. In any case–it's nothing new. Neil Gaiman gloating over stealing from Todd McFarlane

Erik Larsen: part of her design are things from Spawn though– his mask. And her whole gig is that she's a Spawn hunter.

Erik Larsen: take away the Spawn elements and she's just another comic book redhead and who cares?

Erik Larsen: "create something for us worth billions and we'll pay your rent." Seems fair.

Dan Slott: I bet a LOT of Spider-Man fans who are now Savage Dragon readers pay a LOT Erik's rent.

Erik Larsen: but then–no stories involving Angela are really original.

Erik Larsen: I do think Neil Gaiman deserved something for Angela but it should have been a percentage. It's a character derived from Spawn.

Neil Gaiman: you really haven't been following any of the case, have you?

Erik Larsen:The difference between Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman is that Alan didn't insist on owning characters derived from ones he didn't create.

Mike Luoma: Interesting take on Neil Gaiman/Angela thing – but isn't that what other creators are doing at big 2, creating ancillaries?

Erik Larsen: yeah and I think the big two deserve to own those.

And now I've dived in. I wonder if I can bring calm?

It's not very likely is it?

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