Classic Venom/Wolverine Cover CGC Highest Grade On Auction Today

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Venom and Wolverine fans have a lot of crossovers, and boy, did those two worlds meet in 2005. The cover to New Avengers #35 by Leinil Francis Yu became iconic the moment the solicitation hit. Featuring a symbiote enveloping Logan, it is not technically Venom, but that is for sure what they want you to think when you see it. It is striking, and on auction right now at ComicConnect part of Session #3, Event Auction #46, is the highest grade copy on the CGC census. Pretty neat to see this and even cooler than a Venom or Wolverine collector could add this to the mantle. Plus: as of this writing, it is only $17. Check it out below.

Classic Venom/Wolverine Cover CGC Highest Grade On Auction TOday
New Avengers #35 CGC. Credit ComicConnect

Venom Or Not That Is Pretty Badass

"Several days ago, Jigsaw tried to rob a night watchman's safe. Tigra arrived and attacked Jigsaw; however, a couple of police officers interrupted her. Jigsaw shot them and escaped in the confusion. He returned to a converted storage unit and found an invitation to a meeting. The next night, the Hood spoke to a room full of super-villains. He suggested that they organize and work together. He offered each of them $25,000 seed money and assistance with attacking heroes and their families." How hilarious is it that this cover has ZERO to do with the contents of the issue? Oh, Brian Michael Bendis…

Regardless, this is one of those covers that you see a ton, but not a 9.8. So go here if you want to add this to your Venom or Wolverine shelf. Having the highest-graded copy on the census is some serious bragging rights. While you are there checking this one out, go ahead and poke around a bit and check out the other books taking bids today and throughout the week. There are some real gems in there for any type of budget for once during these.

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