NYCC: Oni Press' FREE Web First Original Content

Michael McDermott writes for Bleeding Cool;

At their RevolutiONIze Comics panel on Saturday Oni Press announced that they'd be launching a web first publishing initiative in January featuring 6-20 pages of free weekday daily original comic content on an overhauled  I did catch a slip of the tongue on the panel, "Channel Oni".  Feel free to marry the two or not at your own discretion.  Beta launches next month.  The plan is to turn their online home into a digital content hub for their growing library.

Season One's lineup will feature Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat's Blade Runner-esque sci-fi romance A Boy and a Girl and Ananth Panagariya and Tessa Stone's Buzz, a deliciously bat$#!& insane take on a world where competitive spelling bees have supplanted professional sports in the public consciousness.

Not to be outdone by their pioneering predecessors, Season 2, launching in April,  gives us Down! Set! Fight! from the ever so charming "must catch them live if you can" writing duo of Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.  Scott Kowalchuck will be arting up their tale of Fearless Chuck Fairlane, an ex-professional football player who simultaneously battered his way through mascots, teammates and opponents and into a coaching job at Darius Rucker High School.  15 years later, when another mascot wants to take a shot at Chuck, well, "You can't run away from your past, but you can punch it in the face."  Rounding out their digital announcements was Wook-Jin Clark's Megagogo a Super Heroed-up Power Ranger-vibing Japanese monster mashing action series.
On the print front, we'll be getting Wars in Toyland from Joe Harris and Adam Polina.  A landscape format dark children's tale about a boy pulled through his toy box and thrust into a civil war being waged within.
Cullen Bunn brought a healthy slate of announcements to the table.  Fans of The Sixth Gun will be happy to hear we'll be getting a 4 issue followup miniseries, The Sixth Gun: Sons of Guns, from Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Brian Churilla and Bill Crabtree in February.  Each issue will be spotlighting one of General Hume's Lts. and their uniquely powered personal pistolos.  Do you really want to see what happens to a man when he's struck by a bullet with the power of a cannonball?
It was Bunn's last announcement, the March debuting dark fantasy viking era miniseries Helheim with Joelle Jones and Nick Filardi that really caught my attention.  Why you may ask?  Because Oni distributed a free Black and White Helheim variant preview to everyone in attendance at the panel!  The bloody-bladed horror tale finds our noble Frankensteinish protagonist resurrected from the grave to battle in a war between two sister witches.
Very entertaining panel dominated by a strong southern contingent of talented 3rd Coasters.  Definitely stop by the Oni booth this weekend, grab a Helheim exclusive and chat up the creative roster.  They's good people, they is.

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