Marvin The Martian, Hong Kong Phooey – Friday Trending Topics

Marvin The Martian, Hong Kong Phooey – Friday Trending TopicsMarvin the Martian's appearance in Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century is from 1953, I happened to notice just now.  Though I probably first saw it some 20 years later, I remember it like it was yesterday.  I see io9 has via'd Brendon's post and called these shorts horrifying, soul-crushing, and day-ruining, but…  really, I think they're mostly fine.  There's some nice references to the original source material in Marvin, though he needs Bugs or Daffy to play off of, to really work well.  And it's not like Hong Kong Phooey was the height of Saturday morning splendor in the day (again, I should know, I sat through all of them at the time), and while it was fun enough, the most memorable thing about it is the theme song and the snickering cat.

Remembering the whole concept of Saturday morning cartoons, and so looking forward to them because cartoons were scarce otherwise in those pre-cable times (not just pre-internet, but pre-cable), kind of blows my mind now. Like living in a barely-remembered alternate universe.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today – Marvin The Martian

Found Again – The Long Lost Film That Played Before The Empire Strikes Back

The film was never released on any home video format and even Christian thought the film was long lost until, as Wired report, a negative turned up in Universal's vaults.

First Look At Live Action Hong Kong Phooey And Marvin The Martian Movie Footage

Director Alex Zamm has posted test footage from the in-development Hong Kong Phooey picture and nixed Marvin the Martian movie. As he's done this, it might mean the Phooey film is dead too. Or it might mean that he can't read his contract very well. Or it might mean nothing at all.

Munsters Reboot Mockingbird Lane Finally Put To Rest By NBC

Bryan Fuller had been holding out hope that the Hallowe'en airing of the Mockingbird Lane pilot might have convinced NBC to give the show a go ahead for a series later in 2013. Sadly, he brought the bad news to Twitter himself:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Josh Hoopes

Josh Hoopes From Scamming Comics To Scamming Games

Over many years, we have covered his attempts to con publishers by taking assignments for small amounts of money, hire artists to do the work for him for large amounts of money and then disappear, leaving publishers believing they have work they have paid for and artists unpaid, not knowing where their art is until they see it in print.

The Covers To Invincible #100 By Ryan Ottley, Corey Walker, Marc Silvestri, Bryan Hitch, Art Adams And Charlie Adlard

Invincible #100 is coming… retailers' Final Order Cut Off dates are today, here are all thge covers that can be ordered, from Ryan Ottley, Corey Walker, Marc Silvestri, Bryan Hitch, Art Adams, Charlie Adlard and a wraparound by Ottley in colour, a 1:100 black and white, and a ten dollar chromium version…

Marvel Grabs Marco Rudy For Spider-Man Mini Series?

But, according to the vast number of emails in my inbox this evening, he is rather teasing people on Facebook about an upcoming Spider-Man mini-series he is working on.

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today – Amazing Spider-Man

Rape, Redemption And The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers)

There are spoilers for those who have not yet read Amazing Spider-Man #700 or Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, published today. Go no further if not…

Um… An Apology

There used to be an article here. What I thought was an interesting juxtaposition. However too many other people saw something else.

Dan Slott Breaks The Internet In Half. Literally

Every now and then, someone says, "This will break the internet in half" or some other great piece of hyperbole. I can say this with a straight face — and not an ounce of shame or showmanship — this is the biggest damn thing I've ever done with any character in any story I've ever worked on.


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