Rob Liefeld Forgives Sean Gordon Murphy, But Not Andrew Rev

Following up on this weekend's Fanboy Rampage battle between superstar artists Rob Liefeld and Sean Gordon Murphy, Liefeld has taken to Twitter to forgive Murphy for spreading gossip about him on DeviantArt back in the day. Liefeld referenced the gossip over the weekend:

The dead link apparently told a story of Liefeld running himself over with his own Dodge Viper, something Liefeld says was complete fiction. Our own Rich Johnston wrote in his CBR Lying in the Gutters column at the time:

Sean Gordon Murphy writes an account of his dealings with Rob Liefeld that is mean, unfair, insulting, hateful and downright nasty. Not the normal kind of thing I'd link to. However, he does recount one story from a woman who knew Rob Liefeld as she babysat him as a boy, that Liefeld once ran over himself with his own car.

It's worth wading through all the bile just for that bit.

In 2009, Murphy deleted the post and wrote the following apology:

Hey all.

I've been getting more responses on a past journal entry called Maximum Extreme which I shared a story told to me by a woman who used to baby-sit of Rob Leifeld. Then someone emailed me about it being linked on CBR's "rumors" section of it's website.

At first I thought it was odd to have a tabloid section for a "comic news" website that featured links that wasn't "news" at all. It also struck me as cheap and childish. I was annoyed. But then I reread my journal and decided that a lot of what I wrote was cheap and childish, so I deleted it.

I don't agree with censorship nor with letting internet drama interfere with my right to free speech, nor do I think we should stop being critical and calling into question those who are producing art that we might see as damaging. But looking backwards to laugh means I'm not watching the road to the ahead, and I don't want to be one of a thousand voices that bags on Rob.

I wasn't getting a ton of emails or anything, in fact I don't know if more than a handful of people even saw the link. But I'd rather just avoid the drama completely, buckle myself back to my drafting table and get back to work.

In the end I guess it's good that CBR has a tabloid section because it brought me to seeing my error. I love writing about art and science in an intelligent way, and having a black mark on an entry like Maximum Extreme only discredits me.

Liefeld tweeted:

But Liefeld doesn't hold it against Murphy, forgiving the White Knight writer/artist for "spreading this nonsense."

Though Liefeld later recalled that he had, in fact, been run over by his own car in a completely different circumstance, when he was returning some videos to Blockbuster and a woman tried to steal his car, panicked, and then ran him over. Luckily, Liefeld was saved by a Blockbuster employee as well as divine intervention.


Liefeld is in a less forgiving mood, understandably, toward Andrew Rev, proprietor of Terrific Production LLC, which took control of Youngblood, Supreme, and other Liefeld creations against Liefeld's wishes. We've been chronicling Terrific's bizarre Twitter antics since then as the publisher looks to recruit comic book creators on Twitter, even offering to take young up-and-comers like Ryan Stegman and turn them into stars. Terrific has even made overtures toward Alan Moore, as well as David LaphamJames Tynion IV, and Evan Dorkin, amongst others. Terrific's most recent attempt to recruit creators online targeted Brian Wood for a series of Youngblood prose novels.

Last week alone, Terrific announced a new Youngblood series in Youngblood Unchained #1, though it doesn't seem they have a creative team yet, then suggested Chris Claremont should write it and that Jim Lee and Dan Didio should write a Youngblood/Wildstorm crossover with DC Comics, even though that seems highly unlikely to put it mildly, offered to make Liefeld himself, who is already famous, famous by producing all-ages Youngblood novels for schoolchildren, and planned to save the comics industry by investing in failing comic book stores.

But according to Liefeld, that last offer is one Terrific makes to Liefeld on a regular basis via text message, even while disparaging Rob on Twitter, which Rob says is contrary to his RIP MEDIA deal.

No, you can't.

But will Andrew Rev take no for an answer?

The saga continues…

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