Trinity #22 Review: The War for Skartaris

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The Trinity faces Deimos in combat, but his magic is powerful. He has Superman and Batman restrained while Wonder Woman faces a monstrous Steve Trevor. We learn that Deimos has made arrangements with a security firm in our world, and this has motivated his recent aggressions. Fortunately, Warlord, his sorceress daughter, and the armies of Skartaris approach. However, Deimos has the portal blocked, and the Trinity must open again to receive their allies.

Trinity #22 cover by Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Trinity #22 cover by Guillem March and Tomeu Morey

Trinity #22 closes out the series with a powerful conclusion to its Skartaris storyline and a duel between our heroes and Deimos. What stands out the most in this story is how well Deimos is written. He behaves like a classical villain, but there is motivation and a thought process to the theatrics and villainy. He, somewhat justifiably, sees Warlord and the Trinity as outsiders looking to take his land away from him and inflicting their own brand of justice and rule.

His defeat is achieved through some fairly contrived magical trickery, but it isn't an unsatisfying ending. The Trinity themselves seem somewhat out-of-focus compared to Deimos and Warlord, but, in fairness, it is their land and their story we are observing. The Trinity are just trying to make sure the despot doesn't win.

Trinity #22 art by Patch Zircher and Gabe Etlaeb
Trinity #22 art by Patch Zircher and Gabe Etlaeb

Patch Zircher's artwork has his trademark realism and depth-of-field, and it looks gorgeous. There is a nice texturing to the world too which stands out on most pages. The monstrous Steve Trevor has a nice design, and even Deimos' magic looks particularly cool this time around. Gabe Eltaeb's color art is bright and well-balanced, as it should be. A book about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman should pop off the page, and Eltaeb succeeds in making that happen.

Trinity #22 is a solidly entertaining read with DC's big three bringing down a powerful wizard despot to save a world not their own. The story is paced well, Deimos is made compelling, and the art is excellent. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.

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