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Who Won San Diego Comic Con? We Have The Answer – And Everything Comic-Related Bleeding Cool Got Up To In One Massive Post

who-won-san-diego-2013-WITHOUT-tv-film-revised who-won-san-diego-2013-WITH-tv-film

Data courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Mark Seifert, based on some serious jigging around with Bleeding Cool page views.

With the films and TV, Marvel won San Diego. Without them, it was an easy win for DC Comics.

They say that comics play second fiddle to films, TV and games at San Diego Comic Con. I've never believed that. From the moment you pick up the catalogue which is comics-specific, to the programming which in amount alone is very comics-biased to the amount of people I see reading comics all over the show, it's all about the comics, comics, comics.

But big media likes to concentrate on the film, film, film. And away from the Con, the comics can be drowned out.

So here's a collection of all our comic-related coverage at San Diego Comic Con.

Okay, there's a few toys and cosplay posts that sneak in there as well. But still…

DC Comics

Grant Morrison To Write For Vertigo Again

DC All Access: Masterminding Forever Evil, Shazam Monthly On The Way In 2014, And Maybe Doom Patrol

Harley Quinn Beats Up Lobo In Injustice Gods Among Us Annual In November

Vampire Diaries, A New Weekly Digital Comic FromDC Comics

A Teen Titans Go Digital Comic In December

Asking About Stephanie Brown At A DC Panel Doesn't Get You An Answer But It Does Get You A Kindle

The Big Return Of Boy Blue

DC Comics 101: Essentials SDCC

A Big Batch Of Artwork from DC And Vertigo's Thursday San Diego Panels

Vertigo Defy Panel Recap

DC Comics SDCC New 52 Panel: Trinity War, Forever Evil, And The End Of Phase One Of The New 52

Superman Unchained – The SDCC Panel

DC Collectibles 2013 Panel: From Black Canary To Batman

Superman – The 75th Anniversary Panel With Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Henry Cavill And More

Batman Zero Year News – A New Costume For Batman (Updated With Images)

DC's Meet the Co-Publishers Brings a Tide of Teasers from Lee and Didio at SDCC

DC Comics Superman: The New 52 Era

Geoff Johns Talks Shazam And Trinity War, Christopher Lee Introduces Forever Evil, And Other Comic Con Week Video From DC

Tough Enough?: DC Comics' Trivia Panel

New Harley Quinn Series Coming From Jimmy Palmiotti And Amanda Conner

Tough Enough?: DC Comics' Trivia Panel

IDW Comics

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Debuts In Exclusive IDW Book

IDW Announces New Artist Editions Of The Maxx, Hellboy, Star Slammers, Romita Spider-Man, Marvel Covers And Basil Wolverton's Horizontal Weird Worlds UPDATE

Ragnarok From Walt Simonson, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – The Comic, Strange Death Of Alex Raymond From Dave Sim, And More IDW

IDW Gets Illegitimates By Marc Andreyko And SNL's Taran Killam

Ponies, Ninjas, and Giant Robots – Hasbro and IDW at SDCC

Judge Dredd/2000AD Are Taking over the World by Autumn According to SDCC

Sorry Folks, Still No Venus de Milo – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Panel at SDCC

Marvel Comics

Marvel Holds Its House Of Ideas Panel At SDCC

Superior Spider-Man Vs Venom – Darkest Hours

"Emma Frost In Aunt May's Body" – The Superior Spider-Man Panel (SLOTT UPDATE)

Will Miles Morales Move To The 616? "Read Cataclysm"

Cup O' Joe, As It Happens. Ish (UPDATED)

Marvel Infinity – The New Event Includes Remender and McNiven On Uncanny Avengers

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe

Amazing X-Men #1 From Jason Aaron And Ed McGuinness Features Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Firestar, Iceman, Northstar, And… Nightcrawler

X-Men Full Panel Report From SDCC – Amazing X-Men, Longshot And X-23 (Updated w/Photos)

Kieron Gillen And Adam Kubert Go Deep Into The Making Of The First X-Man In Wolverine: Origin II

Image Comics

The Walking Dead's 10th Anniversary Panel Recap

Skybound Keeps Busy and Kirkman "Will Die" Working on Walking Dead at SDCC

Image Comics: What's Next – SDCC Panel Recap

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse's Ghost Gets An Ongoing…

Dark Horse Brings Plants Vs. Zombie To SDCC Preview Night

Dark Horse (Super) Powered By Creators At San Diego Comic Con

Dark Horse Addresses The Future Of The Star Wars Comic License And What's Coming In "The Star Wars"

Smaller Publisher Panels

Five New Comics From Monkeybrain, Including The Return of Heartbreakers

Avatar To Go Digital In September And A New Sci-Fi Line Coming – The Avatar Panel In Bullet Point

What, Exactly, Is Dead From Robert Kirkman's Skybound? (UPDATE)

Alyssa Milano And Archaia Tackle Explore Hacking and Global Activism

New Bone From Jeff Smith UPDATE

Seven Seas Entertainment Adds 13 Graphic Novels to ComiXology

Stan Lee's World Of Heroes – SDCC Panel Recap

Global Comics: Jinnrise and Beyond – The SDCC Panel

Top Shelf's Super Awesome Secret Announcements at SDCC

Flesk Publications Exposed SDCC 2013 Panel

Udon On Comixology, Hints At Gurren Lagann License

Valiant Entertainment Teases Second Summer Of Valiant And Greg Pak on Eternal Warrior

Bongo Comics, Celebrating 20 Years

Bongo Turns 20, Futurama Gets An App and Springfield Goes To Gluten War

The Oni Press RevoluONIze Comics Panel

Titan Comics Panel Goes Off The Rails With Jack Katz At The Wheel

Archaia Entertainment – The Year of Mouse Guard And Weasel War Is Coming

The Tick's 25th Anniversary Panel At SDCC, Surprise Guests and More

First Second: Gene Yang and Paul Pope in Conversation

The Return Of The Human Fly To Comics


Hasbro And Mattel Stamp Down On Professional Scalpers At San Diego Comic Con

Open Your Mind: Bronies, Party Cannons And The My Little Pony Panel

Diamond Select Toys Expand Star Trek, Domo, Universal Monsters and More

Issue Panels

Feuding Turns Into Commiseration At SDCC's Comics Blogging Panel

Comics And The Violent Past At San Diego

Chaos And Love: The Black Panel SDCC 2013 – With Video

Rise Of The Independents – How To Market Books Outside Of The Big Two

The SDCC Gender In Comics Panel – Interesting Insights And Missed Opportunities

Nineteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Audio As Well As The Eisner Awards

The State Of Digital Comics And How Digital And Print Are Friends

The Power of Geek: Superfandom and Why Brands, Media, and the World at Large Want In

The Art Of The Show

Matt Harding Does Comic Con – The Places To Visit At The Artist Alley And Small Press Booths. Part 1

Matt Harding Does Comic Con – The Places To Visit At The Artist Alley And Small Press Booths. Part 2

Mindcruncher From Numbercruncher

Matt Harding Does Comic Con – The Places To Visit At The Artist Alley And Small Press Booths. Part 3

Creating Comics the ComiXology Way

Kickstart From The Heart – Wrapping Up San Diego Comic Con

Artists Close Out SDCC Sunday with a Discussion on Book Banning


Steve Ellis Is Breaking Bad…

Now Steve Ellis To Draw Haven Comic

Comic Store Sales Up 15% in 2013 Based On First Half Of 2012

Dark Horse's Prometheus Comic, Ongoing Halo And Gail Simone Tomb Raider

Following Dead… Here Comes Body

Dead Body Road – Is This Justin Jordan's San Diego?

Venture Brothers Creators Announce an Art Book from Dark Horse, Talk Nonsense. The Ventures Panel at SDCC 2013

Darwyn Cooke's Eisner Winning Adaptation Of Parker Continues in Slayground, A New IDW Graphic Novel

Tales Of Honor From Top Cow And Matt Hawkins From The David Weber Honor Harrington Novels Ahead Of A Film

Matt Hawkins' Control The Clock with Colleen Doran, Wildfire with Linda Linda Sejic and Team Witchblade

Dave Sim And IDW Bring Us The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond

Nemo Returns To Slumberland With Brand-New Dreams With Shanower and Rodriguez

More On IDW's Rogue Trooper Rebellion

Darby Pop Publishing Announces Partnership with IDW

Jamal Igle And Sal Buscema Are Off Black Dynamite

A Sequel To Fight Club – As A Comic


Jonathan Ross And Neil Gaiman To Re-enact "That Kiss" At The Eisners?

Days Of Eisners Past

Jonathan Ross, Neil Gaiman, John Barrowman And The Kiss – The Eisners At San Diego Comic Con 2013

And The Winner Is… Here Are The Folks That Took Home Eisners Last Night

Nineteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Audio As Well As The Eisner Awards

How I Won An Eisner Award

Aftermath Of The Eisners 2013 – Building Glories

Creators Spotlighted

Groo/Conan, Groo Friends/Foes And Maybe Groo/Tarzan With Sergio Aragones And Mark Evanier

Dave McKean Smites Us with Glorious Images at SDCC: Sandman Cover Collections, Neil Gaiman's Smoke And Mirrors Illustrated, Pictures That Tick

Zombie Chimp Axe Fight – Eric Powell And Kickstarting Goon At San Diego Comic Con

Raw Sandman Art And How The Hell Are We Going To Read Promethea? JH Williams Is All That Rock And Roll At SDCC

Ragnarok From Walt Simonson, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – The Comic, Strange Death Of Alex Raymond From Dave Sim, And More IDW

She's A Rocket Girl… And So's He. Amy And Brandon At San Diego Comic Con

More On Walt Simonson's New Epic Series From IDW, Ragnarok

How Joe Quesada Killed Nick Spencer's Dreams, And Other Tales From The Spencer Spotlight Panel

Does That Kid Have A Mustache? – The Axe Cop SDCC Panel Recap

Grant Morrison Announces The Launch Of His "18 Days" Saga As Motion Comics Serial

Spotlight On Chris Samnee From SDCC

That Interesting Moment With Sam Kieth At The End Of The Sandman 25th Anniversary Panel

Neil Gaiman And J.H. Williams III Talk Sandman: Overture At San Diego Comic Con [VIDEO]

George R. R. Martin Blames Comics for his Success in TV/Film at SDCC

Remembering Joe Kubert – The Art Legend Honored At SDCC

SDCC Spotlight On Frank Brunner

Twenty-One Things You Probably Didn't Know About Duane Swierczynski Revealed At San Diego Comic Con

Pop Culture Hounding SDCC With Kazuo Koike, Corey Taylor, JR And The 315, With Added Orbiting Pods

The Other

Geek And Sundry – Leveling Up Panel

Scoops And Rumours

Justin Jordan Walks Off Superboy

Justin Jordan Moves Off Superboy, Moved Onto Crossed

So… Who To Write Superboy? The Speculation Starts Here.

The Bunker – A New Digital Comic From Joshua Hale Fialkov And Joe Infurnari

The Sixteen Foot Long Absolute Promethea

Is There More Sinestro In Matt Kindt's Future?

Number 13, Straight From San Diego Comic Con's Black Panel. You Must See This Immediately.

Marvel Announces Marvel Now Two

Marvel: Origin II, Nightcrawler Series, Deadpool Vs Carnage And Marvelman

More Marvel Lego, Infinity, Deadpool And Skottie Young Variants, Artwork And Teases

New Titan Series For 2014 – Alien Legion, Adler, Sally Of The Wasteland, Scarlett Couture And Accident Man

DC Comics To Make All Its Ages Comics And Mad Magazine Returnable From October

The Magi, A New Comic By Marc Silvestri To Launch On Free Comic Book Day 2014

Afterlife With Archie, Not To Be Stocked With Regular Archie Comics

DC Comics Offers Superman To John Romita Jr – And He Might Well Take It

Could Marvel Take Away ComiXology's Guided View?

Who Is Publishing Doctor Who Comics In 2014? And Will There Be Room For Mark Waid?


Almost Two Hundred San Diego Comic Con Cosplayers – Big UPDATE

Cinema Makeup School's SDCC Cosplay Including The New 52 Joker [Video]

And Now Over One Hundred And Fifty More Pictures Of Cosplayers At San Diego Comic Con

A Mere Sixty Cosplay Photos From San Diego Comic Con

When San Diego Comic Con Cosplayers Strut Their Stuff

A Final One Hundred And Thirty Cosplay Photos From San Diego Comic Con


San Diego Swag Watch: Louis Falcetti

The Weezer Dead

Swag! It's Chog, It's Chog, It's Better Than Bad, It's Good

Lining Up For A Chog

Swag! Domu '66

Film Stuff

What Happened On eBay When Karen Gillan Took Off Her Hair

Age Of Ultron To Be The Next Avengers Movie

The Look Of Con

San Diego Comic Con Free Wi-Fi, Thanks MTV's Teen Wolf

The Falling Skies Elevators At The Marriott For San Diego Comic Con

The Inflatable Teen Titans Of San Diego Comic Con

From One Side Of The Show To The Other – The Look Of San Diego Comic Con As The Doors Were Opening

So, I Found A DC VIP Guest Pass In My Bag…

This Is How World War Z's Max Brooks Gets Some Peace At San Diego Comic Con

Almost A Hundred Photos Of Small Press Booths At San Diego Comic Con 2013

Over A Hundred And Seventy Photos Of Artist's Alley At San Diego Comic Con

Tony Lee, International Man Of Mystery

One Hundred And Twenty-Six Things We Learned At San Diego Comic Con

A Comic Shop – That Was The San Diego That Was – And Now, Tomorrow's Comics Today!

Homeward Bound

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