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First DC Infinite Frontier #0 Preview
DC Comics is publishing DC Infinite Frontier #0 in the first week of March 2021, an 80-page one-shot anthology setting up the post-Future State DC Omniverse storytelling in their ongoing superhero comic books going forward. Well, Bleeding Cool can tell you, exclusively, that DC Comics will be following that up with a DC Infinite Frontier #1[...]
A Very Sweary Etrigan The Demon In Death Metal #7? (Spoilers)
But there is so much more coming. Credit: DC Comics Bleeding Cool has spoken much about the DC Omniverse A name grabbed at random from a James Tynion IV Death Metal spinoff title and repurposed by us to describe what was coming DC Comics is now calling it Infinite Frontier for the storytelling branding but amongst the[...]
Now DC Comics Tweets Out "DC Infinite" Variant Covers For March 2021
For the last few months, Bleeding Cool has promised a "DC Omniverse" special from DC Comics, for March 2021, that will set up the March 2021 relaunch from the publisher to follow Future State Originally, future State would have been the ongoing nature of the titles, but that changed when publisher Dan DiDio was fired[...]
Brian Bendis and David Marquez On Justice League?
There is no sign yet of whatever the DC Omniverse Special #1 written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson, Brian Bendis, Geoff Johns and more will actually be Could it be Infinite Frontier #1? But we are crossing our fingers – and presume it will be out for the 2nd of March, 2021[...]