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DC Future State Gossip: Maybe That's Not The Kid Quick Flash On Cover To Infinite Frontier #0
Tynion talks about which books he will be writing in the DC Infinite Frontier comic book in March kicking off the DC Infinite relaunch that follows Future State Tynion states in The Empire Of The Tiny Onion that the special will set up the Batman comic books to come with a significant incident drawn by[...]
DC Comics Previews March 2021
With suvccess in graphic novels and successive series for Vault Comics, he may have lost would could have been a Marvel breakout with the pandemic abandoned Empyre: Thor, but instead has seen successive runs at DC Comics on Catwoman, and was a 5G recruit for that series, Justice League Dark and for Swamp Thing, both[...]
Dark Nights: Death Metal #7
Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 is the conclusion of the series but also sets up both DC Future State and DC Infinite to follow The previous issue saw Wonder Woman transformed by Anti-Crisis energy into a golden goddess, and in the new issue out in the year, she takes it to the Darkest Knight, the[...]
DC Comics Tweets Out Infinite Frontier Images
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Credit: DC Daily LITG:  and the ten most-read stories yesterday… Niantic Says Jessie & James Are Not Leaving Pokémon GO Yet Heroes: Tim Kring, Ali Larter Respond to Leonard Roberts' Claims DC Comics March 2021 Solicitations Frankensteined Now DC Comics Tweets Out "DC Infinite" Variant Covers For March 2021 House of[...]
Now DC Comics Tweets Out "DC Infinite" Variant Covers For March 2021
What is now clearly called DC Infinite for March is expected to involve a loosening of continuity strings, and also references their digital reading app only available in the US so far, DC Infinite Going to be a busy weekend. For the last few months, Bleeding Cool has promised a "DC Omniverse" special from DC[...]