YouTubers/Comics Artists Husband & Husband Return With Fairy Boy

Jonathan Ferrara and Aaron Ferrara, the couple known on YouTube as Husband & Husband who publish a webcomic of the same name, have returned to comics with another installment of their webcomic-turned-graphic-novel, Fairy Boy. The pair run a popular YouTube channel where their almost 200,000 subscribers follow their daily lives and love story through weekly vlogs. Their Husband & Husband comic was a slice-of-life collection of stories that, like their vlogs, chronicled their lives with funny stories, observations, and cute jokes. Fairy Boy, which saw its first volume funded successfully on Kickstarter just four months ago, is a departure for the duo, as it is a fictional tale of magic, witches, and more. The power couple launched the sequel, Fairy Boy: Book Two, a few days ago, and the Kickstarter is already funded.

Fairy Boy returns. Credit: Husband & Husband's Kickstarter
Fairy Boy returns. Credit: Husband & Husband's Kickstarter

On their campaign page, the duo pitch Fairy Boy:

Following the events from FAIRY BOY: BOOK ONE, Nico continues his struggle to find a balance between a "normal" 20-something life, and navigating the world as one of the few fairies left. When he notices his arch nemesis Zane preying on another fairy boy, he begins to formulate a plan to find out what devious venture he is hiding behind a new building that popped up overnight.

The Ferraras also spoke of navigating the mainstream comics publishing industry, and how they built themselves and their titles up through grassroots promotion, including their YouTube channel and Kickstarter campaigns. They wrote:

The traditional publishing industry is very hard to break into, but I believe that if you work hard and if someone believes in your project and it makes them happy, then it is possible to make it happen on your own. When I began creating stories on my own, I wanted to make sure I gave smaller people and groups, most importantly the LGBT community a voice that often goes unheard.

It seems that the people who believe in Fairy Boy, and Husband & Husband's other content, are the exact people to whom they've decided to cater to their fans. Fairy Boy: Book Two is funded on Kickstarter right now, and is active for twenty-five more days.

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