2017 Games Countdown #2: Dragon Age 4 is "Not a Thing", Says Creative Director

Dragon Age 4

The second-best games post of 2017 comes to us from April Fool's Day. This year we were running "improbable but true" stories, and this one was just too good for us to put down. During the last few days of March, former Dragon Age series creative director Mike Laidlaw tweeted that Dragon Age 4 was "not a thing." That's right. Not a thing. But if it were….

Last night on Twitter, Dragon Age series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw confirmed that Dragon Age 4 is currently "not a thing" but if it were, he has a lot of ideas for what to do with it.

At this point, we know Bioware has a new IP, and with no confirmed DA4, either Bioware are waiting for the dust to settle around the latest Mass Effect before confirming a new Dragon Age, or they're planning to move onto that mysterious new IP they teased a few months back.

What we do know about DA4, thanks to Laidlaw's tweets, is:

  • It isn't happening
  • But if it were, Laidlaw would bring back Harding, of all companions
  • No, your Warden wouldn't be brought back, because half of "the" Wardens are dead — including at least one of my own
  • But if your Warden did return, absolutely nothing good would happen to them, because of writer Patrick Weeks

Originally posted on April 1st, 2017, you can check out the second most-shared Bleeding Cool games post of 2017 here. A lot has happened since Laidlaw's tweet, including both his move away from the Dragon Age team, but DA4 is still not properly official. We've gotten conflicting reports dating from May, June and September. So, despite everything, Dragon Age 4 is still officially "not a thing."

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