A New Creative Collectible From Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell's blind box series Ferals, tend to sell like hot cakes. There's something about her imaginative style that keeps people coming back for more. Her new collectible Buck Wethers is a fun, quirky design. He's 8" tall and comes in gray or white. For $70.00 you can own one of the 250 made.

Here's a bit about Buck…

"Buck will wether the weather. Buck will steal your pants. He will take your farm. He will putt you out to pasture. Good luck weathering the Buck."

He doesn't sound too friendly does he? However, he is super cute…

unnamed-1 unnamed

Buck Wethers is available now. You can grab her 10" Scaredy Labbit and Ferals 3" Blind Box Mini Series too.