AMC Announces New VR Game The Walking Dead Onslaught

AMC has teamed up with VR veterans Survios to announce a brand new VR game, called The Walking Dead Onslaught which will let players step straight into the apocalyptic world of AMC's hit TV show and battle it out against the zombie hoard in VR.

Survios is the studio behind top-selling VR games like Raw Data and Creed: Rise to Glory. For The Walking Dead Onslaught, Survios is bringing their expertise in the VR space to AMC's hit franchise. The game will let players assume the roles of their favorite zombie apocalypse survivors from the TV series to sruggle against the relentless threat of the walkers while simultaneously confronting the horrors and humanity of life in the post-apocalypse.

AMC Announces New VR Game The Walking Dead Onslaught
credit// AMC and Survios

The game will feature an exclusive original story, real motion melee and ranged combat, player progression systems, and a full campaign mode.

"Not only is The Walking Dead Onslaught a dream opportunity for the megafans in the studio, but we've had the unique challenge to further evolve VR with our 'progressive dismemberment' technology," said Survios head of studio Mike McTyre. "This is a standalone game experience featuring one of the most beloved TV IPs in the world. AMC is an incredible partner, encouraging us to push immersion to a new level that can only be experienced in VR with 'The Walking Dead.'"

"The Walking Dead Onslaught is the immersive VR experience fans have been waiting for," said Yoel Flohr, EVP of Digital and Franchise Development at AMC. "We're thrilled to be working with Survios, an industry leader in world-class visuals and innovative gameplay, to give players the chance to experience first-hand the terror and thrill of The Walking Dead 's apocalyptic world."

The Walking Dead Onslaught is slated to launch this fall in VR arcades across the country with a home VR platform release to be announced at a later date.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.

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