Kurt Angle Helps Bring Back the WWE Entrance Greats Line from Mattel

Kurt Angle, WWE Hall of Fame member and multiple-time champion, is the inaugural figure in the return of the Entrance Greats line from Mattel. Popular when Mattel first got the WWE license back in 2010, they released eight figures in the line before stopping that same year. The main hook was that the figures would feature superstars in their… well, entrance gear, and a stand that would play some of their theme music. I always liked these (although I am still missing the Million Dollar Man from my collection), and was sad that there wasn't any more.

Fast forward to 2018, and the line has thankfully returned. The first is the debut figure from Mattel of Kurt Angle. One thing we wrestling figure collectors look forward to when talent is brought up from NXT or returns to the company is when the first figures come from Mattel. Basically, as soon as they appear on Raw, people start hounding them to get cracking on a figure. For Kurt Angle, they have decided to blow out the release of his first figure, and boy, am I glad they did.

Just like the old ones, the packaging is both awesome and way over the top. Giant picture window to show off the entire figure in the front, including a "try me" button to play part of the theme music. On the back, big picture of the figure, along with the info on what attire he is wearing, the event it was worn at, and the name of the theme. This package is WAY too big. the bottom is a bunch of free space, and in case you can't tell from the picture, the plastic housing the figure is also way too much. this could easily come in the standard Elite box no problem for the same cost.

Kurt Angle Helps Bring Back the WWE Entrance Greats Line from Mattel

Once it is opened, you can take out the base and figure easily. The base is a piece of the entrance ramp featuring a peg to stand the figure on and the speaker on top. The button to play "Medal" is on the side. If you aren't familiar with his theme for some reason, here you go. While is wasn't his first (Patriot!), he made it famous:


Kurt himself is a great figure. Featuring Elite-style articulation, there aren't many complaints from me really. Some people prefer bald Kurt from later on in his career, but I liked him more at the beginning of his run.

He comes with his two Gold Medals, which for obvious reasons do not have much detail on them. The likeness is great, they chose a good muscular buck for the body. I maybe would have gone with shorter arms, but thats ok. Be careful when choosing yours if in store, though — the paint aps are all over the place on his singlet. My store had four on the shelf and I lucked out getting one without paint bleed. There was a mark over his eye, but I got rid of it pretty easily.

Overall I say get this one. At $25, it is a bit of a premium, and that is all because of the packaging and the electronics. Looking at just the figure however, no collection is complete without Kurt Angle. Sure, there will be more released eventually, but if you are anything like me, you won't want to wait. Oh, it's true. It's damn true.

You can order this bad boy right here or find him in stores now.

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