Arlo Battle Guide For Pokémon GO Players: November 2021

There has been a shakeup with the Team GO Rocket Leaders' line-ups in Pokémon GO now live as of November 2021. Not only do they have different teams, but the potentially Shiny Shadow Pokémon that you can encounter after defeating them has also changed. With this battle guide, you can build a team to defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo and earn an encounter with a Shiny-capable Shadow Gligar.

Arlo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Arlo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here is a breakdown of Arlo's team and possible counters. This time, to help our readers build their own teams from a diverse selection of possible Pokémon, I will suggest multiple counters for every possible Pokémon he will throw out. These are based not only on type effectivity but also shared weaknesses of other species on these teams and the speed of your counter Pokémon's attacks, which we'll get to below.


  • Gligar: Ice-types will absolutely eat through Gligar. Galarian Darmanitan and Articuno are cool, but I'd go Mamoswine all day.


  • Mawile: Chandelure (using Fire-type moves), Darmanitan, Excadrill
  • Lapras: Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp
  • Cradily: Mamoswine, Lucario, Metagross


  • Scizor: Chandelure (using Fire-type moves), Darmanitan, Reshiram
  • Snorlax: Lucario, Machamp, Conkeldurr
  • Gardevoir: Metagross


  • Lucario, Chandelure, Mamoswine
  • or Lucario, Metagross, Mamoswine


  • When building a team before you know the exact line-up of Slots Two and Three, aim for general overlapping weaknesses that the options will have. This is a bit difficult with Arlo's current team, though, because Gardevoir is a wild card. You can try to go through it with Chandelure and the remaining health you have on Mamoswine, but have a Metagross ready if you have to give it a econd go.
  • Switch Out: Don't put your counter to the first Pokémon in your first slot. Instead, start the battle with the "Switch Out" method. Put your counter to Arlo's first slot in your second or third slot and, as soon as the battle begins, switch to that Pokémon. This switch will freeze Arlo up for a moment, allowing you to deal damage without taking damage. He will freeze after every switch and also after every Charged Attack. Utilizing this freeze is essential to defeating these powerful Shadows.
  • Get the Shields Down: Keep in mind… Arlo has two shields. You want to choose a Pokémon that will be able to charge up their Charged Attacks quickly so that Arlo's shields can be taken down and real damage can be done. The faster the attacks, especially with your first choice, the better off you will be. This is why Lucario is such a great choice. His Fast Attack of Power-up Punch is so quick that you'll be able to minimize the damage you take between letting off attacks while also building up your own power.

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