BattleTech's Latest Trailer Shows Off Some Multiplayer Gameplay


Harebrained Schemes' latest BattleTech may be being published by Paradox Intertainment, but that hasn't stopped the team from working on the game. This latest trailer features an updated look at the multiplayer gameplay to give players an idea of what to expect in the upcoming beta. And it features some friendly co-worker competition, which makes it infinitely more enjoyable than some gameplay trailers. I always do like to see a personal touch like that.

The full description for the video reads:

Game Director Mike McCain and Studio Manager, Mitch Gitelman, recorded a friendly multiplayer match to give you a peek at what to expect in the Beta. You can find a Beta Gameplay Video List of Annotations here:…

Full disclosure here – Mike is one of the better players in the studio and Mitch… is not. Nevertheless, Mitch puts up a pretty good fight as you'll see in the video.

That beta will be available on June 1st. The multiplayer gameplay video is below. You can read up about BattleTech a bit more here, which includes news of the Paradox Interactive publishing deal.


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