2017 Games Countdown #5: The Marvel Contest of Champions Community Reacts to the New Update

2017 Games Countdown #5: The Marvel Contest of Champions Community Reacts to the New Update
Early in 2017, mobile game developer Kabam! came under fire by the players of their licensed Marvel fighter game, Marvel Contest of Champions when they made some sweeping game balance changes. If you want a better run-down on the situation, this is how we framed the situation back in March:

Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions has had a pretty devoted base of players on iOS and Android who enjoy duking it out as Marvel heroes and villains, because who wouldn't? However, due to changes made this week many have been leaving the game in droves, creating youtube videos discussing the nerfs, and railing on Facebook.

Some of those changes took the form of the usual patching work devs do periodically to tweak game balance. These nerfs however were extreme. The official statement from Kabam on the Contest forums details each of the changes which range from changes in the way characters work in combination with one another and how effective each character is to individual stats changes for several characters. The first major change is that characters stats are no longer based on percentage values but flat values that grow and shrink as players level up. Characters will also be able to be synched down to rank in certain challenges- much like the way some MMOs function. And then there are the specific stat nerfs and buffs. Its a very, very long list. The reason Kabam gave for the changes was that the old percentage system was stopping the devs from creating new content and the individual buffs and nerfs are designed "to better close the gap on the power curve, elevating some of the less usable Champions and bringing some of the most overpowered Champions in the Contest closer to their level."

Originally posted on March 3, 2017, the article Nerf Stick Too Strong – The Marvel Contest of Champions Community Reacts To The Latest Update is the fifth most popular games post of 2017 partially thanks to the notice streamers Seatin Man of Legend and Rich The Man gave the post since it does feature their commentary. You can check out the original post here. Or read up on the follow-up interviews with players and developer Kabam. While the situation has mostly resolved now, thins aren't quite as sunny in the world of MCOC as they once were.

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