Calling All Miku Fans: Squishable Is Running A Miku Sale Right Now

Calling All Miku Fans: Squishable Is Running A Miku Sale Right Now

Since it's Hatsune Miku's 10th birthday, Crypton Future Media and Squishable are running a special promotion on their Miku squishables-both the full size and micro Miku are 20% off until Friday, September 1st at 11:59 PDT.

If you haven't heard of Squishable, they make massive (and mini) plush toys with a spherical shape, which makes them all the more huggable. Or, squishable. You see where they went with that, yeah?

If you've somehow made it to 2017 without hearing about Hatsune Miku, I sincerely wonder where you've been, but she is the main Vocaloid pop star. That is, she's a vocal synth software and hologram who has become a massive sensation appearing in concert and in the various Vocaloid anime and manga. Having seen her 'live' in concert, let me just say that I welcome her as our future overlord and master.

This week's sale only encompasses the Miku Squishes, but hey, while you're there you may as well stock up. My personal favorite is the loaf of bread, now that the grim reaper is retired. The company also accepts designs from fans and puts up potential new Squishables for the community to vote on, which is absolutely adorable.

And if you're wondering what Squishable Miku looks like, well, here's a galery for your perusal.

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