Capcom Shows Off The Black Panther And Monster Hunter Funko Pops At NYCC

During this morning's World of Capcom panel, the games publisher showed off the Black Panther and Monster Hunter Funko POP figures. Both Black Panther and Monster Hunter will come together in a two-pack set. The two-packs will be hitting stores this November. The Best Buy exclusive pack will features Black Panther in a white suit and a blue version of the Monster Hunter. Both the Best Buy and regular two-packs are pretty darn awesome looking, to be honest.

Both POP vinyl figures are based on the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite versions of the characters, which hail from the combined world of Valkanda. While the MVCI storyline is an absolute abomination, the character designs themselves aren't bad. Sure, they could have looked better in game, but that was more a problem with the core game programming than the character designs themselves.

So if you passed on MVCI like any sane person, don't feel bad. The game does not detract from the fact that these are some pretty awesome looking Funko Pops. I don't think I've seen Tchalla look that cool in a few years now, and Monster Hunter, yeah. That looks fantastic. I don't collect Funkos myself, because that's a thing that you just cannot come back from and my tiny NYC apartment just cannot handle the sheer amount of collectibles that Funko POPs become. But, I'm seriously reconsidering that based on these guys. They're just that awesome.

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