CCP Games Officially Reveals EVE Online: Phoenix

CCP Games has officially revealed the fourth and final quadrant to this year's worth of chaos with EVE Online: Phoenix. After plunging the game into random attacks, then forcing the players into war, and eventually survival mode, they will now start the healing and rebuilding process as the galaxy rises from the ashes and begins to rebuild with a new purpose. The content is now live in the game after you do an update, which will bring about all of the new options in front of you. We have the details from the devs below and a trailer showing it off before you dive in, and you can check out more updates from the company here. How will you forge ahead in the last phase?

And now we begin the long process of rebuilding, courtesy of CCP Games.
And now we begin the long process of rebuilding, courtesy of CCP Games.

"This year, the culmination of the Triglavian Collective's plans has wreaked havoc upon New Eden, a universe-wide invasion that has devastated both star-systems and the lives of its citizens alike," said Bergur FinnbogasonEVE Online's Creative Director. "In shifting to Quadrants in 2020 we have been able to dream bigger, to create more meaningful, impactful content that challenges and engages our players. With EVE Online: Phoenix, we are taking Capsuleers past the invasion and posing the question: how do you shape your future?"

Quadrant 4: Phoenix thrusts EVE pilots into a universe ravaged by war, amidst the embers and wreckage of a Triglavian invasion that has profoundly affected the lives of New Eden's citizens. In the aftermath of their invasion, the Triglavian Collective's usurping of many star systems has irrevocably changed the landscape of New Eden. Pilots have joined their cause, taken up arms against them, and in some cases have been forced to relocate to other systems. In the wake of interstellar travel disruptions across the cluster, some systems will be permanently inaccessible through conventional means.

EVE's colossal Supercarrier class vessels will be receiving a major update in the Phoenix Quadrant, including the introduction of a new clone vat bay feature that will enable pilots to spawn new ships directly from a Supercarrier's bay if they are destroyed in combat, allowing players to get back into the action. As the Quadrant unfolds, the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival will return once again to celebrate the close of the year, offering new customization options and content for players to enjoy. Additional daily challenges will be available and expanded upon, giving pilots more reasons to undock and engage. Lastly, the highly popular Abyssal Proving Grounds events will continue with new game modes, ship classes and leaderboards, allowing pilots to enter the lawless and chaotic Abyssal Deadspace, engaging in intense PvP combat to prove their worth and emerge victorious.

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