Community Day Swap: Getting A Lucky Machamp In Pokémon GO

Tomorrow is Machop Community Day in Pokémon GO and Bleeding Cool is here to help you prepare. In addition to our suggestions on how to get a Lucky Machamp with the exclusive Community Day move of Payback, here are our tips to maximize your fun and productivity on Machop Community Day.

Machop Community Day promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Machop Community Day promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Mass trading to get a Lucky Machamp: This, to me, is one of the most fun aspects of Community Day. Plan ahead with a friend to meet up (at a safe distance!) and mass trade Machops. This costs very little Stardust because it's going to be a basic Pokémon that you both have registered and is an easy way to get a Lucky Pokémon. You are allowed 100 trades per day, and the odds of getting a Lucky or two within that 100 is quite high. The Stardust you'll save when powering up a Lucky Machamp is worth it! Also, if you have a friend with whom you've gone Lucky, perhaps saving a Shiny Machop for them would be a good idea. Just be sure to evolve your Lucky Machops up to Machamp during Community Day hours (or up to two hours after) to receive the exclusive move.
  • Item bag: Personally, I'll dump most of my potions and go on an item run the day before Community Day, prioritizing Poké Balls and Ultra Balls before anything else. As far as Berries, your best bet is to get as many Pinap Berries as you can in order to maximize the amount of Machop Candy you'll earn during Community Day.
  • Periodic transfers: Don't end up in a situation where you're faced with a Shiny Machop that you can't catch because your Pokémon storage is full. Take planned breaks to clear your storage. Search "0*-2*" and then select and transfer everything that comes up to make room for the new Machops.
  • Starpiece: The bonus is triple catch Stardust, so running Star Pieces throughout the full Community Day will help you make the most of this coveted bonus in Pokémon GO.

Best of luck out there, fellow trainers!

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