David Kim Of Starcraft II Is Moving On To Work On A Different Project At Blizzard


David Kim was originally a top-ranked StarCraft player who worked at Relic Entertainment. He moved on over to Blizzard when they announced that they'd be creating StarCraft II. He mostly ended up using his experience as a player in the original to help balance and design StarCraft II's gameplay.

He announced this weekend on Blizzard's battle.net forums that he would be leaving SC2 to work on another project under Blizzard's vast umbrella. His reasoning for leaving behind StarCraft II was pretty simple, he felt it was time to move on. As Kim wrote in his statement, "I've reached a point in my career where I've decided to branch out to a different project, to explore, learn, and grow as a game designer."

He also thanked the SC2 community and expressed his confidence that the current gameplay team will continue making the right balance changes and keeping in touch with the players.

While Kim did not specify any of the details on his new project, nor what his new role will be, we're sure it'll be awesome and are waiting further details.

Kim's statement in full from the battle.net forum is below:

Design and balance on StarCraft II has been a combined effort among everyone on the design team and our community for quite a while now. We believe that the ongoing communication and collaboration between the design team, pro players, and community will keep SC2 the best it's ever been as a competitive game.

I've reached a point in my career where I've decided to branch out to a different project, to explore, learn, and grow as a game designer. This other project will be right here at Blizzard, so I hope working on this next game will be as awesome as my experience working on SC2 and with the community. The rest of the SC2 balance team will continue to make updates, and communication with the community will not be interrupted.

I want to say thank you to everyone that loves StarCraft. I've spent much of my life dedicated to StarCraft like many of you have, and I feel especially connected to our SC2 community as we've grown together while making StarCraft II the best and most skill-based esport in the world. It has been such an incredible honor working with you and I will miss seeing how the pure passion flows out of so many people in constructive ways, and having design discussions as a game developer with such a dedicated, intelligent community of gamers was so extraordinary. I will always be grateful for this amazing experience that most game designers around the world just don't get to experience at such a deep level.

Thank you so much everyone and I will continue playing and watching StarCraft II as a fan of the game!

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