Dead By Daylight Receives Its Latest Tome In New Update

Behaviour Interactive has launched a new update into Dead By Daylight with a new Tome and another graphical upgrade. This update comes with a slew of additions as you get the new Tome VI: Divergence, you get a new Lunar New Year event to pick up a special Ox item and Gilded Stampede Collection costumes, and you get a graphical update for a couple of different levels as well as two of the killers. We got the full details for you below from the devs along with the trailers to show it off. Best of luck over the next couple of weeks getting the Lunar items.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Tome VI: Divergence

This Tome explores the paradox of life – the contradictions of our past, present and future selves. Players can unlock memories for Yui Kimura, The Nurse and the Observer.

In the latest Archives release, Yui has a recurring nightmare where she is confronted with all the versions of herself that might have been had she made different choices in her life. Versions where she never left Hida to pursue her dreams. Versions where she found a safe and secure job and slowly forgot her dreams. Versions—darker versions, killer versions—where she crossed the line and murdered the man who assaulted her instead of turning him over to the police.

This Tome ultimately explores The Butterfly Effect, or what The Observer calls the Avalanche Effect, when one seemingly insignificant choice triggers the debacle of everything we take for granted and hold to be true. As always, players can get their hands on fabulous outfits available in the Free track as well as exclusive outfits for The NurseYui, The Oni, Claudette and Felix, as part of the Premium Track.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight Lunar New Year Celebration

To commemorate Dead by Daylight's Gilded Stampede Celebration (from February 11th until February 25th) players will be able to get their hand on in-game gifts, such as The Lunar Ox CharmThe Shimmering Ox Jacket for Adam Francis, The Gilded Locks coif for Zarina and The Scarlet Edge Weapon for The Spirit. Players will also be able to purchase two very rare outfits, as part of The Gilded Stampede Collection, out on February 11thThe Golden Ox for The Wraith and The Oxen Bounty for The Deathslinger.

New Challenge: Glyph Challenges

Introduced as a new type of Challenge within this Tome, and available in the Observer's Auris Web, Glyph Challenges enable players, whether they play as Killer or Survivor, to spawn new interactable items within their matches. More Glyph Challenges with new interactions can be expected in the future

The Realm Beyond: Fourth Graphical Update Content Drop

The Realm Beyond update continues to deliver as the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum realms have been overhauled. The Nurse and the Clown have been improved, as well as important animations. Finally, the heads-up display (HUD) has been entirely reviewed to increase readability, scalability, and generally, to facilitate quick decision-making during trials.

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