Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Coming To The West Next Year


In their continued effort to bridge the gap between their Western and Japanese fans, Square Enix is bringing the Final Fantasy-themed brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to the Americas and Europe. Dissidia will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for early 2018. The game was developed in partnership with veteran fighting game studio, Team Ninja, and Koei Tecmo Games. Dissidia is a team-based brawler that collects all your favorite heroes and villains from the incredibly prolific Final Fantasy series into strategic team battles.

Naturally, this is just a current gen version of Dissidia, and should feel pretty familiar to players who enjoy the series. Or for the hardcore Final Fantasy fans who just want to definitively prove that Cloud would undoubtedly kick Squall's butt.

Offering strategic online and offline play, players can select from over 20 legendary characters and familiar summons, including Ifrit, Shiva and Odin, to bring into 3 vs. 3 battle. The game also brings back the Dissidia series' unique "bravery combat system," alongside "unparalleled" visuals and seamless gameplay.

And if you still need more Dissidia in your life, you can check out the panel with Producer Ichiro Hazama, Director Takeo Kujiraoka, Justin Wong of Echo Fox and K-Brad at the E3 Coliseum on Tuesday June 13th @ 3:15 p.m. (Pacific). The E3 Coliseum will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

You can watch the announcement trailer below, which is in Japanese with English subtitles, and every character is "nameless" even the easily recognizable ones like Titus and Squall. But if you look closer, you'll see Ace, Y'shtola, Shiva, Ramuh and countless other characters from all your favorite Final Fantasy games.


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