Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Box May Be Delayed In Europe

Bandai has announced that while the Dragon Ball Super Card Game 2021 Anniversary Box has been released in the United States, there may be delays elsewhere. Let's get into the details.

Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Box graphic. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Box graphic. Credit: Bandai

Over on the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game Facebook page, which is the main platform through which Bandai communicates with the hobby's growing fanbase, the following announcement was posted:

[Europe Special Anniversary Box 2021 Release Update] To our fans in Europe, Due to shipping delays, the release of Special Anniversary Box 2021 may be delayed in your country or region. Unfortunately we cannot determine the specific delays of each country and region. For players, please contact your local game store regarding the status of this progress. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank our players for their support and patience.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team

Delays have been somewhat common with international audiences, though some comments on social media allude to this practice improving in recent times. What collectors must take into account, though, is that while the pandemic isn't shutting the world down the way it did last year, there are still significant impacts on shipping as well as the availability of paper. This paper shortage, which is currently impacting the comics industry, doesn't seem to have had a major impact on popular trading card games like Bandai's Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Digimon or the Pokémon TCG, but it's always a possibility.

Meanwhile, Bandai is gearing up to reprint two DBSCG sets: Unison Warrior Series: Rise of the Unison Warrior and Unison Warrior Series: Vermillion Bloodline. Both of these products have been out-of-print for a short while and have, in the time since, skyrocketed in price to multiple times MSRP. It is expected that these products, which will have a marking on the product indicating that it's a second print, will arrive in late September or October 2021.

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