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Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Cross Spirits Releases Today

The latest set of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game hits shelves today for its wide release. This new expansion, Cross Spirits, is the fifth set in the ongoing Unison Warrior block and the first set with the subtitle Unison Warrior Series BOOST, which indicated a new playing mechanic available in the card for competitive collectors.

Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Cross Spirits banner. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The set, which goes by the staggeringly long name Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series -BOOST- Cross Spirits is labeled [DBS-B14], as it is the fourteenth main expansion. It includes:

  • 60 Common (30 normal/ 30 holo of the same card)
  • 38 Uncommon (19 normal/ 19 holo of the same card)
  • 30 Rare (15 normal/ 15 holo of the same card)
  • 23 SPR: Super Rare
  • 10 SPR: Special Rare
  • 3 SCR: Secret Rare

The set includes a wide variety of themes. Like all recent Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets, it pulls not only from the anime and manga's canon but also the supporting material including the non-canon DBZ films, the video games, and other expanded universe content. The set's focuses include:

  • The Saiyan Saga
  • The Buu Saga
  • The Dragon Ball Z film Wrath of the Dragon
  • The Super 17 Saga
  • The Tournament of Power

And more.

In advance of the release, Bleeding Cool had reported on the set's artwork and even hosted unboxing articles of Cross Spirits products obtained during pre-release events this past weekend. You can find all of that here:

In addition to booster packs and booster boxes, the latter of which will include 24 booster packs, there will be three additional Cross Spirits products released today:

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