Drifter Entertainment Has Given Gunheart A Brand-New Update

Drifter Entertainment Has Given Gunheart A Brand-New Update
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Drifter Entertainment, an independent video game publisher and developer comprised of industry veterans known for building award-winning franchises, hardware and gear, today released the third and largest content update for Gunheart, a futuristic co-op virtual reality shooter available on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Drifter Entertainment's Creative Director Brian Murphy details the latest content updates that have been made to Gunheart in a video you can check out down at the bottom.

For those of you who don't want to watch a video, the text explanation is as follows:

Within the world of Gunheart, teleportation technology has opened humanity to new worlds of opportunity across the galaxy. Now prospectors, colonists, fanatics, and adventurers have spilled into the cosmos in search of fortune and independence.  In this lawless frontier, mercenary mech pilots like you are all that stands between human progress and what menace might have been awakened in the deep beyond. But for gamers, all of that translates to an awesome VR shooter with teleport movement to deal with that pesky VR motionsickness strafing problem. I checked the game out back at PAX West and was incredibly charmed by it. And hey, you can indeed strafe in it without wanting to die, which is something of an achievement.

Designed to take full advantage of motion controls and 3D VR spaces, Gunheart's new content update is now live and include:

  • Brand new campaign including an entirely new script and VO spanning nine story missions;
  • 20 new side missions in addition to the PVP challenges; and ongoing weekly missions;
  • Expanded loot system including new weapon mods to discover, unlock, upgrade and mix-n-match such as the glass cannon, bloodlust, bubble shield, intravenous bombs, easy money, berserker and fly paper;
  • 30 new cosmetic items to acquire;
  • New world elements: new bosses, "spawning bag" creatures, powerup printers and data pads;
  • Enemy upgrades: dropships with new behaviors, improved buzzkills and continued hopper AI upgrades;
  • Ongoing improvements, bug fixes and polish made to audio and sound, weapons and leaderboards.

You can watch Brian Murphy explain the update with handy visuals in the Fall Update vlog below.

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