Elder Dice, Bringing a Bit of Eldritch Horror to All Your Tabletop Games

Elder Dice, Bringing a Bit of Eldritch Horror to All Your Tabletop Games

David LaRocca's Elder Dice are a nice treat for tabletop enthusiasts who just really want to bring a touch of eldritch horror to every game they play. Even the sci-fi RPGs, D&D sessions, anything that requires a handful of dice is a great choice for these, because they're pretty snazzy. The project started as a Kickstarter, which was pretty darn successful for obvious reasons.

Obviously there's a lot of crossover between H.P. Lovecraft fans and tabletop players — which is exactly the target market for Elder Dice. And boy do these deliver pretty nicely on their promise.

The dice are well made and decently weighted — not too heavy, but not too light. The D3 is a little bit light, but then, it is a pretty tiny die in the first place. Each die bears the emblem on the cover of its "book" so mine were covered in tiny Cthulhu heads.

The dice throw pretty well, and the decorations are actually pretty well done, though this set of dice is not the complete peak of luxury. But with their collectible cases, these dice are more of a statement than a pure utility item. Some of the Cthulhu engravings are a bit too small to look truly fantastic, and the dice could have been made out of a more rugged material. They're plastic not resin. However, considering the base price, they're a pretty good middle-ground between true collector's dice and cheap throw aways.

And the perverse joy you get from breaking out Cthulhu themed dice to play a high fantasy rpg cannot be undersold. And thats a unique approach to gaming dice. Its just one more way to differentiate yourself at the game table.

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