Ever Wanted To Know What A Game Console Would Look Like As A Car? Here Are Some Fantastic Console-Car Concepts


Yes, that is an Atari 2600 redesigned to look like a car. It's still got that nice Atari feel to it, and J appreciate the joystick sticking straight out of the back of the "car" but you do have to wonder about that thing's height clearance.

Found over on Jennings Ford Direct, these console-car hybrids are pretty fantastic. While the original article calls them classic consoles, the Xbox 360 is in the set, as well as a really futuristic car that looks like it can fly and was very clearly modeled on the brand new Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con. So I'm not going to insult us all and pretend these are all here for your nostalgia fix, but the consoles used do include that Atari above, the Sega Genesis, and the NES, so they are a bit retro.

Personally, I think the Genesis is the most car-like of the bunch. What about you?


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