Facebook Gaming Has Launched Global Online Gaming Tournaments

Facebook Gaming has launched a new set of online gaming tournaments on their system, giving players a chance to fight each other globally. According to the developers, the system in place was originally designed as a tool to support live gaming events and tournaments. But with the coronavirus changing the way people are doing things for a while, the team changed their focus and worked the past few weeks to change the way Facebook Gaming tournaments work to meet the digital need. This way it's now designed to "help people stay connected through friendly competition with their friends, family, and communities." The way it's currently set up, anyone can start or join a tournament as long as you have a Facebook account. You can choose between a casual competition with friends, or as a creator who wants to play a game with their chat, or as a global esports competition. The system includes brackets, leaderboards, and other materials to keep track of everything within the system.

You can now battle against friends, in chat, or in a major tourney with Facebook Gaming's new set of online gaming tournaments.
You can now battle against friends, in chat, or in a major tourney with Facebook Gaming's new set of online gaming tournaments.

"With everything happening in the world right now, games help people connect while entertaining themselves. From virtual spaces where people play together to a new tournament platform for friendly competition, we create products to help people keep connecting. Right now, that seems more important than ever," said Fidji Simo, Head of Facebook App.

Creators have a little extra incentive to use the system for their streams. Those individuals can now host fan tournaments while streaming the entire action. Meaning when their game is done, it will show the next two players fight, even if they're not streamers. The broadcaster has the ability to create, play and watch the competition in one spot and for the rest to see. It even comes with fundraising tools built into gaming video, just in case you'd like to take this time to set up tournaments that support charitable causes. There are a few tournaments in play as we speak, but no major tournament organization has announced they'll be using the system yet. At the very least you can watch games happening right now.

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