Famous Pokémon TCG: Shiny Star V Marnie Finally Shown In English

When a set of Pokémon TCG has a Charizard card, it's a good bet that said card will be the most valuable and most coveted card of the set. You'd think that hype would multiply when that Charizard is Shiny and on a VMAX card… and you'd be right. Shining Fates and its Japanese equivalent, Shiny Star V, had this stunning card as an incredibly coveted card. It was the single most valuable card of Shining Fates and the second most of Shiny Star V. What, then, could be more coveted than a Shiny Charizard in the Japanese-language Shiny Star V? Well, it's a Full Art Trainer Supporter card featuring Marnie. Looking at eBay, just yesterday raw copies of this card sold for $374 and $375, with graded copies selling for near or even over $1,000 USD in come cases. Shining Fates cut the card from the set, though, with the English-language Pokémon TCG instead opting to release it as a promo next month in the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection. This will make this highly sought-after card available as a guaranteed promo for anyone who is able to find this product. Now, ahead of the collection's release, the English version of this card has finally been leaked. Check it out here.

Marnie SWSH Promos. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Marnie SWSH Promos. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Marnie Premium Tournament Collection will include the Marnie Full Art card, three copies of the Marnie holographic card, a pack of card sleeves featuring Marnie (please, please, please let them not be matte, Pokémon TCG), seven booster packs (all Sword & Shield era sets according to an early leak, which we will only officially confirm when I can do a Bleeding Cool unboxing), a Marnie coin, condition markers, and a code card.

Here's how the Pokémon TCG describes the product:

In the Galar region, every Pokémon fan knows Marnie, the hometown girl from Spikemuth who really wants to win the Champion Cup! You can gear up for your next big tournament and feel like one of Marnie's most devoted fans on Team Yell with the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Marnie Premium Tournament Collection. This collection contains an incredible full-art foil Supporter card featuring Marnie as well as three additional Supporter cards highlighting the popular Trainer. Marnie has proven to be a popular card in Pokémon TCG competitive play, so this is a great way to add her to your deck.

Not only that, but you'll also get a variety of useful items to protect your cards and keep them organized before any Pokémon TCG tournament, including card sleeves, a deck box, a coin, and more—all featuring Marnie. There are even seven Pokémon TCG booster packs that do contain some non-Marnie cards, but that's OK—Pokémon TCG cards that don't feature Marnie are still pretty awesome!

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