Final Kombat 2020: Losers Rounds & Winners Semifinals Match Results

We're reporting live in Chicago! …From the 27th floor of a hotel room to bring you the results of today's Final Kombat 2020 tournament for Mortal Kombat 11. After the coronavirus concerns made the organizers decide to do an empty arena (except for crew, players, and essential staff), the rest of us were left to do our coverage remotely. As I go get more ice for my bucket, here are the results for the next two rounds of the Losers brackets, as well as the Semifinals of the Winners bracket.

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Credit: WB Games

Losers Round 2 – Match One: Hayetei vs. Tweedy

Tweedy entered the match with Geras in the Infinite Warden as Hayetei brought back his 52 Hard Pickup version of Erron Black. Both men traded off decisive victories for an early and super quick tie. But the third game showed Tweedy use a good set of temporal combos for the 1-0 lead. Match two saw Hayetei pushing hard at the start, but Tweedy made the comeback to take the first win. Hayetei wasn't going down that easily as he fought hard against the combos and got the win at the wire for a tie. Hayetei spent the majority of the third game doing juggles to get Tweedy down, but at the end, Tweedy was able to sneak out of it with a sandtrap with a Brutality win to go up 2-0.

Game three looked like much of the same from both men. Tweedy took the fast first victory as he landed combo after combo for the first win. He started match two with another set of combos from some failed escapes from Hayetei. The juggling from Hayetei came back to keep him alive in the game, but it was clear that Tweedy was done with this match two minutes ago. Even after some projectiles from Hayetei, the temporal combos were no match for him as Tweedy took the quick 3-0.

Winner Tweedy (3-0)


Losers Round 2 – Match Two: Tekken Master vs. Deoxys

Deoxys came in with a Cetrion using the Spring Cleaning build while, stop if you've heard this one before, Deoxys brought in the Jacqui Briggs with the Upgraded build. TM wasted no time in match one using the projectiles to give him the first win, and it was rinse-and-repeat on the second game to go up 1-0 in short order. Game two was much fo the same as TM threw more of the projectiles and zoning tactics to keep Deoxys at bay. The two were near low health as TM used a Fatal Blow to get the first win. The second game showed a ton of blocks between the two, followed by Deoxys doing a ton of juggling. They got each other to low health, but a crushing blow gave Deoxys the second win for the tie. The two traded off combos yet again, but TM had the edge and took the third game for the 2-0 lead.

Match three felt like I was watching a replay in new costumes. These players knew each other so well that they found ways to whiff and punish each other for it. A fatal Blow gave TM the first victory, leaving little doubt headed into match point. Deoxys made a bit of a comeback with some combos and grabs, giving him the victory to tie it up. TM tried to zoneDeoxys out, but it wasn't working this time as Deoxys made a comeback for the second victory, making the match 1-2. Game four showed Deoxys making short work of TM for the first victory, while a fatal blow was the only thing that kept TM in the match for a tie. Deoxys decided to ground-and-pound in the corner for the punishment to the zoning tactics as he took the third game and tied it up 2-2 for match point.

After a coach break we headed into match five, but out of the blue, TM switch to a Buzzed version of D'Vorah. At this point, it was clear that TM was tired of the up-close combat and was going to play zoning. After a grab took away nearly 50% of Deoxys' life, he got really hesitant of jumping. Luck was on Deoxys' side as he got the Fatal Blow for the first win. The second game was much of the first as TM went back to his projectile and zoning game to score a win and tie it up with all of the bugs and acid. But it was no good as the Jacqui was too much for TM as Deoxys found the right openings for the jumps and scored the final win . He pulls off the reverse sweep to take it 3-2.

Winner Deoxys (3-2)


Losers Round 2 – Match Three: A F0xy Grampa vs. Scar

The first game saw Granpa take in his Shang Tsung with a Warlock build while Scar brought in the Ring Master version of Sonya Blade. The first match was so quick you could have missed it if you blinked after a zoning match gave Grampa the first win. Gam two was basically a projectile war that ended in Scar getting too close at low health and paying for it with the second loss. Granpa goes up 1-0. Game two saw Scar switch to Kung Lao with a Hat Tricks build. It didn't seem to make much difference at the start as it was much of the same with more up-close combat from Granpa. he took the first match pretty easily, and then setup for zoning and projectiles with the skulls gave him the second win to go up 2-0.

After a coach break, we entered game three had Scar switch again as he went to Scorpion with a Rebuild format. Basically, one of the best anti-zoning characters you can get. It paid off immediately as he took the first win, but had to waste a fatal blow to do it. Game two showed them trading off combos, but Granpa nailed the victory to tie it up. Granpa pushed him back and found a way to make the zoning work again, pushing more rising skull combos for the second victory, getting the clean 3-0.

Winner A F0xy Grampa (3-0)


Losers Round 2 – Match Four: Rewind vs. DizzyTT

Rewind brought in his Upgraded version of Jacqui Briggs while DizzyTT brought in his own Jacqui Briggs, but he went with the First Found KO version. After seeing how the day played out with everyone else, we expected the KO version to do well. However, Rewind scored a tough first victory followed by a quick second victory that involved the interactives on the map to go up 1-0. Dizzy decided to switch it up and went for a Sonya Blade with the Ring Master build. But not much changed as Rewind made quick work of the first victory, followed by a juggle combo and a Fatal Blow for the 2-0 lead.

After a coach break, match three started keeping both characters as-is. Rewind decided this had already gone on long enough and just wanted to finish off the match. He took the first victory in 33 seconds with little pushback from Dizzy. Dizzy tried to switch to a heavy block and ground-and-pound takedown tactic that got Rewind down to Final Blow territory. he returned the favor, but Dizzy pulled off the Fatal Blow to tie it up. Dizzy spent half the third game blocking, but Rewind decided to punish him more than once for the behavior. Dizzy got him in a corner after an anti-air and punished him, but then was met with a fatal blow to wind them both to little health. In the end, Dizzy pulled off a combo from a failed hit to get the win and made it 1-2. Game four started with a dash punch as rewind followed it up with several combos for the first win. He got caught the second time as the two were chipping away at each other pretty evenly. The anti-air gave Dizzy the win to tie it up. The two both punished each other in the corner int he third game, but the projectiles and anti-air gave Dizzy a victory and tied it up 2-2.

Another coach break before match five, Rewind came out the gate swinging and made short work of Dizzy for the first victory. Another round of punishment to Dizzy for blocking made it close, but Dizzy pulled out the tied victory. The final round came as Dizzy tried to make it a projectile fight from Sonya. Both men punished each other with heavy combos. In the end it looked like Dizzy had the win, but a whiff from Dizzy left him open and Rewind took advantage to take the win and the 3-2 win.

Winner Rewind (3-2)


Winners Semifinals Match One: SonicFox vs. Kombat

SonicFox returned with their Joker in the Ace of Knaves build while Kombat returned with his Outtake version of Johnny Cage. The two traded off combos with two Fatal Blow cancels, but Sonic took the first win. Kombat returned the favor with a punishing win to tie it up after he found the hot read. Sonic trapped him in the corner and did a bit of juggling at the start. Kombat fought back but Sonic caught him in a punching bag grab with a crushing blow to take the first win 1-0. A costume change for both of them took us into match two, with Kombat scoring a quick victory to start it off. The second game was made up of projectiles and false starts to track each other, which gave Sonic an advantage to tie it up. The third game started off strong for Sonic as he kept Kombat in the corner. Kombat fought back and canceled out a bunch of moves, but it was no good as the corner strats kept him at bay and Sonic took another win to go up 2-0.

The two wasted no time to go into game three, where they traded off on even health. Kombat managed to gain the advantage, but Sonic scored a Fatal Blow with Joker that does a ton of damage and gave them the first win. They kept going from there with more combos and leading into great setups. Sonic was given tons of options to keep him guessing, and Kombat did his best to fend it off, but it was no use as Sonic took the final win for the clean 3-0 sweep.

Winner SonicFox (3-0)


Winners Semifinals Match Two: Dragon vs. Ninjakilla_212

Dragon started the first game as Cetrion with a Spring Cleaning build while Ninjakiller brought in Liu Kang with his Louhan Quan build. Ninja had a great first round with a set of combos that gave him the first victory, then the two played projectile war for a bit before switching to up-close combos, which Ninja took advantage of and scored the second win to make it 1-0. Match two had Dragon rolling out the zoning tactics and pull off a number of grab combos for the first victory. He kept rolling with it into the second game and shut down a lot of Ninja's tactics, but the frequent bicycle kicks put him down for the tie. Game three saw both men punishing each other for bold moves with some crushing blow tradeoffs. But eventually, Ninja took the victory for the 2-0.

We entered match three quickly with no changes or breaks, both players trading off combos but Ninja took the first win handily. Dragon wasn't going down easily as he slammed a ton of damage on Ninja at the start of game two, but it was all for naught as Ninja had his number. A last-ditch effort with a Fatal Blow gave Dragon a victory to tie it up. It looked like Ninja had the match, but Dragon pulled out a few combos from nowhere and zoned him out for the victory to make it 1-2. Game four was combo heaven for Ninja as the bicycle kicks shrunk him down in short order. Dragon came back with a Fatal Blow, but Ninja wasn't falling for it and played the slow game to creep in for the first win. Back to the bicycle kicks for game two as Dragon kept trying to do the bait-and-switch on Ninja, but he wasn't falling for it. After a number of interruption moves, Dragon managed to score the right amount of moved to fool him and picked up the tying win. Dragon looked like he was on the ropes, but he managed to bring it back with the help of zoning and timed attacks to tie it up 2-2.

Match five showed Dragon making headway, but Ninja knew what to look for this time around and made short order of the first match for a victory. Dragon fought hard in the second match as the two traded off combos. He pulled off two crushing blows ina row to bring them down to low health. Dragon had a bunch of comeback tactics he tried to pull off in game three, however, the combos and crushing blows were too much. Ninja pulled off a Fatal Blow and grabbed the win in the third game, headed to the Winners finals with a 3-2 win.

Winner Ninjakilla_212 (3-2)


Losers Round 3 – Match One: Tweedy vs. Deoxys

Match one showed Tweedy take in his Geras with the Infinite Wardenbuild while Deosyx, yet again, brought in his Upgraded Jacqui Briggs build. The first game was just a speedrun for Deosyx as hey took the victory easily with kick combos. Game two saw the two traded off in combos and blows, but Deosyx used the Fatal Blow to take the second victory and take the lead 1-0. Diving right into match two, Tweedy got his rhythm back and managed to get the temporal combos off for the first win. Deosyx pulled off a number of low ground attacks that threw Tweedy off his game and gave Deosyx the tying win. Tweedy went in for a dive but got punished hard as Deosyx juggled him and took the match to make it 2-0.

Match three saw a character change from Tweedy as he brought in Baraka with a Berserker build. Tweedy came in swinging and it looked like he made the rich choices, but Deosyx had his number as he saw the combos coming and took the first victory. Tweedy got rolling in the second game with a few perfect grabs, but he got punished for leaving himself open with long jumps and the right combos. A number of punishing combos later and Deosyx shut Tweedy down. There will be no pop-off on stage as Deosyx moved on after the 3-0 sweep.

Winner Deoxys (3-0)


Losers Round 3 – Match Two: A F0xy Grampa vs. Rewind

Match one had Granpa bring in Shang Tsung with his Warlock build while Rewind chose (for the tenth time this tournament) the Upgraded Jacqui Briggs. The two traded off a few combos, but Granpa managed to zone out for the first victory. Rewind responded with up-close combos and made short work of the sorcerer to tie it up. After taking a few blows, Granpa pulled off the ground eruptions and zoned her out more than once. Rewind went in for the kill, but paid for it with another high kick as Granpa went up 1-0. Match two saw Rewind start with the cross punch, but more of a trade-off of blows and fewer grabs. Ultimately a Fatal Blow gave Rewind the first win. Granpa went back to zoning tactics and grabs, which only worked for a bit as Rewind went for corner punishment, giving him the second win and tying it up 1-1.

Match three picked back up where Rewind left off as he punished the Warlock build and took the first victory. Granpa kept looking for an opening but was constantly getting punished. he had no options and was just juggled into oblivion while Rewind took the second win to make it 2-1. After a coach break, Granpa chose to stay with Shang Tsung. Sadly, Rewind had much of the same for him as he kept corner punishing him and feeding him grab combos in open areas. Rewind picked up the first win in stellar fashion, which forced Granpa to go back to zoning tactics as his only recourse. Rewind was almost out of it for the second game, but a Fatal Blow saved the game for him as he took the match two in a row and moved on with a 3-1 victory.

Winner Rewind (3-1)

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