For Honor's Fourth Content Season Goes Live Tomorrow

For Honor's fourth season, Order & Havoc, kicks off tomorrow for Xbox One, PS4, and PC players.

With season four, we get a new 4v4 mode called Tribute, two new maps, and two new heroes: Aramusha and Shaman. The heroes will be playable for season pass holders starting tomorrow, and will be made available for all players on November 21, with each costing 15,000 Steel.

Meanwhile, all players will get the new maps and Tribute mode for free, as well as the Ranked Dominion mode which will arrive later this season.

The new Tribute mode is all about achieving objectives, where players must fight for control of three Offerings located around the map. Holding the Offerings will give teams unique buffs, and teams will have to decide which Offering to pursue first. So, basically its a Capture the Flag variant.

The Aramusha hero is a samurai hybrid class that focuses attacking enemy mistakes with fast attacks from multiple directions. The Shaman is a viking assassin hero that focuses on offensive power and berserker rage. Pouncing on enemies like wild animals, they become more dangerous as their rampages go on.

The new maps include Market Town and The Gauntlet. The former is a Samurai village with a maze of twisting alleyways and elevated housing that features multiple levels and zip lines. The latter is the Viking capitol and fortress perched on a hilltop that features strong defenses.

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