Fort Triumph The Tactical RPG For Fans Of Xcom And FF Tactics



Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG with a cartoony style that's currently in the works. The game touts itself as "taking the best of genre giants like Xcom and Final Fantasy Tactics, but changing the formula in a couple of major ways." And it looks like they've taken those games and mixed them up with a suitably updated style.

In Fort Triumph, every object and obstacle on the field of battle is not mere cover, but also a weapon and a tool to be used to get at your objectives. Tacticians have to examine their procedurally generated level and plan their offensive accordingly.


Following a successful Steam Greenlight run and a Square Enix Collective showcase period, the project is now live on Kickstarter with a brand new public demo available for PC, Linux and Mac, so you can try the game out before going ahead and backing it.

That strategy worked out fantastically for a recently funded project, Battle Princess Madelyn, and it honestly seems like the best idea to get your game funded on Kickstarter. People will back games they find interesting, true, but they're more likely to donate money if they can actually see what the game will be like with their own two hands.

And hey, all five of the playable characters are badass women, which is a big selling point for some of us. Even if the dev team are a bunch of guys from Tel Aviv.

The game's trailer is below. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign and download the demo here.


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