From The Rumor Mill: Is A Diablo 2 Remaster Happening?

Would you like to see Blizzard release a remaster of the longtime favorite Diablo 2? If the latest rumors are correct, you will very soon. Regardless of what you may personally think of the franchise then or now, there's one thing that's very hard to deny, and that is that Diablo 2 is the king of kings when it comes to Diablo titles. Ever since it was released in mid-2000 and essentially took over the PC gaming world, everything related to the IP has been judged against this game. A combination of being the right sequel at the right time, improving on everything and basically being the building block for all games in the genre moving forward, it has a place in the hearts of every gamer who went through the bowels of every dungeon. From the first time you meet The Butcher all the way until you hear the words "I am impressed, mortal."

Could we be getting a Diablo 2 remaster?
Could we be getting a Diablo 2 remaster?

For years, people have been begging for some kind of a re-release or remaster, but so far Blizzard has only offered support patches. But now the rumor mill has kicked up after a new article. According to the French gaming site Actugaming, sources close to Activision to them that a subsidiary developer named Vicarious Visions is currently working on a remaster of the classic PC title, and that they're aiming to release the game sometime in Q4 2020, most likely for the holiday season. The name of this project is said to be named Diablo 2: Resurrected. The story does sound pretty credible, considering this is exactly the kind of thing Blizzard would keep in their back pockets and reveal during BlizzCon.

Since we don't even know if the convention is canceled at the time we're writing this article, we can only assume this was going to be a highlighted announcement that's now been leaked. Of course,we won't really know until Blizzard makes a comment on it, which they have a habit of not doing until it's on their terms.

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