Game Of Thrones: Conquest Receives Major Heroes Feature Update

WB Games released a new update for Game Of Thrones: Conquest, bringing with it a new update to the Heroes feature. According to the devs, this is an all-new collections mechanic featuring characters from the series, each of them containing their own unique stats and abilities. You can deploy them as you see fit in the game as they are yours to command. It still doesn't solve the fact that the game will cost you money to do anything radical in the game, as the latest ratings on both the App Store and Google Play have confirmed. But for those still playing the game, you now have a new option. Here's some added info on the new addition.

I need a hero! In Game Of Thrones: Conquest. Courtesy of WB Games
I need a hero! In Game Of Thrones: Conquest. Courtesy of WB Games

Heroes add a new gameplay element and level of complexity that will influence the balance of power in Westeros within the popular mobile strategy game. Ranging from Uncommon (green) to Mythic (orange) rarities, players will be able to collect 30 of the most recognizable characters from the show including Jon Snow, Tyrion, Danaerys and Cersei, as well fan-favorite supporting characters such as Hot Pie, Hodor and Jaqen H'ghar.

Players will be able to acquire Heroes through Summons, which will reward Hero Relics, Hero XP and other bonus rewards. Once players acquire enough Hero-specific Relics, they will be able to unlock that character and begin upgrading their efficacy using two methods. Players can increase their Hero's XP to raise their level and boost their two signature skills, while Hero Relics and Oaths increases the Hero's Star rating. This raises the Hero's level cap and unlocks Star Skills that offer significant bursts of power that can turn the tides of battle.

For the first time in-game, players will have the option to form their own Small Council by adding Heroes to six open seats. They will also be able to send them out on Marches to aid their troops and can be deployed alongside a Dragon as well. Players will have to make informed decisions on which Heroes to assign, as certain characters will offer more Small Council Skills, while others will provide more March Skills. Heroes can be sent on any March-related activity including Rallies and reinforcing allies starting from level 1, so all players can experience the benefits from the start.

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