Ghost Rider Gets the Marvel Legends Figure He Deserves

Ghost Rider has gotten many figures over the years, including from Hasbro. In this current incarnation of Marvel Legends, however, one thing has been missing from his figures: his bike. What is the purpose of releasing a Ghost Rider figure without his bike? When they debuted the new Marvel Legends Ultimate Riders series at SDCC last year, I got to see this figure firsthand, and it instantly became one of my most anticipated releases. I purposefully waited to buy a Hasbro version of the Rider until he came with a bike. Was it worth the wait? Let's take a look.

Packaging-wise, I love that they kept the same look and feel of the rest of the Legends line. The whole box has a real '90s feel to it with the giant Ghost Rider logo. Very Midnight Sons. Cool key art on the sides, and the figure description and pics on the back. Mint on card collectors should also be happy with the way everything is posed in the box, showing off the figure and bike in all of their glory.

But I open my toys, so let's look at everything out of the package.

I can't get over how how easy it is to pose and maneuver this bike! Granted, the first thing I did after I took the first picture was take the skull off the front. The sculpt is cool, but I like the more classic look. My only other real complaint is that there are no interchangeable tires. When you remove all of the flame pieces and extras, the yellow tires look a little weird. To be honest, however, I don't plan on taking the flame pieces off. I have seen some complaints about the front tire ones coming off easily, but I have had no such trouble. They connect with pegs on the chassis of the bike, and at least on mine they stay in place. The back pieces connect into the tailpipes with a small peg and don't move either. The bike also comes with an underneath kickstand to keep the bike posed upright. When not posed, it moves with ease with or without the effects attached. They did a great job on it.

Johnny Blaze himself is a wonderful figure. This is the same sculpt as the figure from a couple years ago in the baf Rhino wave. Those of us who missed that one and don't want to pay the aftermarket cost appreciate another chance at this one. That one had gray lapels; this one has blue. But the skull is the main attraction here, and the paint wash on it looks amazing. The articulated jaw just makes it all perfect.

This is my definitive Ghost Rider going forward. This may even be one of my favorite Legends of all time. Time will tell, but I haven't stopped staring at it since I opened it. If you want one of your own, they are hitting stores this week, or you can have peace of mind and preorder one right now here.

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