Google Canceled A Stadia Horror Game By Kojima Productions

We're now learning the scope of how badly Google killing off their own game production for Stadia was, and it is terrible. Video Games Chronicle has posted a new report on what could have been at Stadia with their platform-exclusive games, with one of the biggest disappoints being that we didn't get a Kojima Productions horror game. It seems like Hideo Kojima keeps getting denied the chance to make a horror title, first with Konami and now with Stadia, and while there was nothing officially released, it seems like the talks were far enough down the road to where a game like that would pretty much have been a guarantee for the platform. But he wasn't the only one as it seems there was also talks to do a game with legendary game director Yu Suzuki, but those never materialized either.

Oh, what could have been on the Stadia. Courtesy of Google.
Oh, what could have been on the Stadia. Courtesy of Google.

The story goes on to point out that there were also discussions with Harmonix, the makers of Fuser, but it too was canceled with the refocusing of Google to be just a platform. It also sounds like we would have gotten a sequel to Journey To A Savage Planet, but those plans have also been scraped for Stadia. No matter how you look at it, the decision by the company to stop making their own games is going to impact their business in the longrun. Even if they save money and just focus on being a place for you to play the next Assassin's Creed title, there are hardcore gamers who are legit angry with the platform that some of these plans are now dead in the water, and due to the way contracts and things even spoken out are laid out, we may never see some of them come to fruition.

Considering how well Death Stranding did, there's a good chance whatever horror game Kojima would have created would have done well for them, especially being exclusive. That just seems like a bad business deal, especially from a company with enough money to afford it and not break a sweat.

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