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NIS America Will Launch Four JRPG Titles Onto Stadia
NIS America and Google Stadia came together this morning to reveal four epic JRPG titles will be coming to the platform Three of those games will be coming out in April as you'll be getting the real-time combat of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (April 1st), the turn-based combat of Trails of Cold Steel III[...]
Terraria Creators Cancels Stadia Port After YouTube Channel Fiasco
Due to the hard work the Stadia team has put in – as well as our partners at 505 Games – we have decided that we will allow the upcoming launch Terraria on Google Stadia to proceed The Terraria Stadia build is based on the DR Studios (latest) build, and is currently at Google[...]
Ubisoft+ Is Now Available For Players On Google Stadia
Google Stadia now has a new addition to its platform as players can now access Ubisoft+ through their accounts The company launched its subscription service with its multi-platform access model in beta this week, giving Stadia users the ability to access it through the platform as opposed to opening it separately As you can read[...]
Super Bomberman R Online Is Now Free For Stadia Players
Google Stadia players now have a new game they can play free on their accounts with Super Bomberman R Online Starting today, anyone who owns a Google Stadia account can instantly play the game right now, no need to buy anything special or do any activations You can literally jump into the game In fact,[...]
Sniper Elite 4 Has Officially Made Its Way To Stadia
Rebellion Developments hyped the fact that Sniper Elite 4 has officially made its way onto Google Stadia this week for people to enjoy The game has done well for itself over the past three years, including recently being added to Nintendo Switch for fans to take people out with a deadly sniper rifle during WWII[...]