"Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder" Headed for Smartphones This Spring

"Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder" Headed for Smartphones This Spring
Credit: Crypton Future Entertainment

It's time to get in rhythm with Hatsune Miku once more, as a new game based on the digital diva is making its way to smartphones.

Crypton Future Entertainment and Ateam are working together to bring a free-to-play title called Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder to phones for a global release. It's meant to be a more casual affair than the Project Diva series, and it will be about "creating with everyone."

Right now, there's a contest going on for users to create their own background music for the game as well as designs for pets and other creatures. You can participate from January 24 through February 21.

The game is targeting a release in Spring 2020, and will end up launching globally then on iOS and Android around that time. Looks like it might be time to start brushing up on your Hatsune Miku moves!

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