Heroes Of The Storm Adds Starcraft's Admiral Stukov To The Nexus

The infestation from Starcraft spread more into the Nexus as Heroes of the Storm adds their newest support hero, Stukov, Infested Admiral. Blizzard has put together this spotlight video to show case the characters history and some of the game play fans can look forward to.

Admiral Stukov

Alexei Stukov was a human from Earth. He was the vice admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and tactical advisor to the UED Admiral Gerard Dugalle. Until he died and came back as a zombie. He was captured by the zerg, resurrected and infested by a cerebrate, Kaloth, as an experiment in creating infested human leaders. For his full history, check out here.

The character's strengths are support, durability and crowd control. Nice to have on your side when attacked by a huge group. But he isn't very mobile and doesn't do well escaping from conflict. He spreads viruses. Healing ones to his teammates, slowing and damaging ones to his enemies. He can also detonate those viruses, giving either a big heal or burst of damage but ending the overtime effects. He can also drive his arm into the ground only to have it come up under an enemy, causing damage and silencing them. May favorite ability is one of his heroics, he can shove an enemy away. There is no set distance for this, they just keep going until they hit something. If done at the right angle and place, you could send your enemy halfway across the map and out of the fight.

No set date on when Stukov will join the fight, but he will be an interesting addition to the game.

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