Hideo Kojima Confirms Two New Projects In The Works

After giving a bit of a teaser over the holidays, Hideo Kojima has confirmed he has a couple of new projects in the works. A lot of speculation took place leading into the new year when Kojima posted a small piece on Twitter, wishing everyone a happy holiday with artwork that had no ties to any video game or project (that we know of) that he or Kojima Productions were involved in. So naturally, everyone started thinking that we'd be getting a brand new video game announcement sometime in the near future. It was all speculative at the time, but this week, we were proven that it was true.

Hideo Kojima Confirms Two New Projects In The Works
Credit; Hideo Kojima

When the new year ticked over, Kojima posted up something new with the image you see above. You can read his tweet here, but basically, the man confirms that he is going to start some serious work on a brand new project. However, he chose his words carefully and did not specify that the project he was going to be working on would be a video game. What's more, he also mentioned trying to get the video team going on something, as well as starting some kind of a radio project.

It's a really weird set of words strung together that you don't immediately think Kojima is would say, but there they are. While we can only guess as to what the first two projects would be, we're a little more interested in what this new radio project would be. Kojima has never shied away from using music in his works or showing off different things from time to time. Like the many references to David Bowie throughout the Metal Gear Solid series, or how he called Joy Division his "soul band" as he was listening to their music while working on Death Stranding. What ideas he must have for a radio project would be of great interest to a lot of people while we wait to see what else he's working on.

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