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Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt To Debut During Steam Next Fest

Villainous Games Studio will bring a new game to Steam Next Fest as the new horror game Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is on the way.

Indie game developer and publisher Villainous Games Studio have announced they will debut their new game Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt at Steam Next Fest. The game has been described as Dead By Daylight meets Inscyption, as players will attempt to repel the evil hunting them down or be consumed by it, as you play a Warden protecting their village from an unspeakable force that is trying to take over. The game's demo will be released from June 19th-26th, but until then, we have more info and the teaser trailer below.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt To Debut During Steam Next Fest
Credit: Villainous Games Studio

"Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is a single-player stealth survival horror game that blends the replayability of roguelites with the tension found across the horror genre. Step into the role of an appointed Warden tasked with gathering precious ambrosia throughout a sinister, nonlinear environment to find salvation. The impending nightmare of the Devourer lurks throughout the fields, so a strategic execution and a steady heartbeat are vital if Wardens hope to see daylight once again. Each night of the hunt delivers a unique and chilling experience. Strategic decision-making and adaptability are the keys to survival when facing the Devourer. Before each night of the harvest, Wardens must decide how much health they are willing to sacrifice in order to gain advantageous tools found across the Farmlands of Luna Nova. As the moon rises on each night, cards are drawn to determine the fate of the Wardens. Cards may bring peculiar abilities, a bit of welcomed luck, and modifiers that affect both the environment and the Devourer alike."

  • Stealth: Gameplay that focuses on sneaking, hiding, and creeping in the darkness as you find your way around the dangerous cornfields of Luna Nova.
  • Survival: Sacrifice health to gain helpful tools, face Luna Nova's hostile environment, and harvest precious resources for the survival of your village, all while confronting a monster vastly stronger than you.
  • Strategy: Risk-and-reward situations encourage smart decision-making, adaptability, and countering different elements with appropriate tools and strategies.
  • Roguelite: Play over multiple 10-15 minute runs and tailor your deck by choosing tools that counter each night's randomized challenges.
  • Narrative: Embody a colorful cast of characters, piecing together their stories, personalities, and the truth of Luna Nova's curse through the fragments of the villagers' past.

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