Is The Charmander Community Day Ticket Worth It In Pokémon GO?

The "Tale of Tails" ticket for Charmander Community Day is currently in the Pokémon GO shop. Is it worth it? Let's take a look at previous Community Day paid research and determine that.

Charmander Community Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic
Charmander Community Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic

The items and encounters available in these Community Day research questlines are generally the same every time. The best way to determine if it's worth it for you personally is to examine each item and see if it helps your Pokémon GO playing style:

  • Rocket Radar: Generally Poké200 coins in the shop, this is probably the best thing that the paid research offers for its value. These are free when you do six Team GO Rocket Grunt battles, but an extra radar also now means an extra Strange Egg.
  • Rare Candy: It may not be a huge sell, but the current way to get this is to either raid or win in GO Battle League.
  • Poffin: Helpful for leveling up your Buddy for sure, generally 100 Pokécoins in the shop.
  • Stardust: Previous researches have given up to 13,500 Stardust, and with triple catch dust active, this is going to be a very Stardust-heavy community day in Pokémon GO.
  • Mega Charizard Energy: This will also be available through Stops, so you may have to ask yourself exactly how much you care about Mega Evolution if you're on the fence about the research.
  • 10/10/10 IV Floor Encounters: The Field Research will offer this as well, but the research will offer Shiny-capable Charmander and Charizard encounters, each of them with an IV floor of 10/10/10 that will give a better shot at a powerful Charizard in Pokémon GO with its exclusive move of Dragon Breath.

Personally, I find that the Community Day paid researches are worth the dollar. It's the Community Day Box that doesn't always make sense considering the price. With the boxes, the big appeal is the Elite TM inside. If you are in need of one of those, the Community Day box may be worth the coins… but we just got an Elite Charged TM for free through the Giovanni Research (currently in-game as "An Inter-Egg-Sting Development"), so the appeal of these boxes is pretty low considering how little Niantic sweetens the pot beyond the Elite TM.

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