Itzy Interactive Reveals Co-Op Arcade Shooter Mad Devils

Developer and publisher Itzy Interactive revealed their new '90s-inspired co-op arcade shooter on the way in Mad Devils. As you can see from the image and trailer below, lead concept artist David Murdoch is bringing his own rugged art style to the game to give it a bit of grit and grime on top of all the action. The game is just being announced with a release window of Q2 2021. Enjoy the trailer!

A look at some of the artwork from Mad Devils, courtesy of Itzy Interactive.
A look at some of the artwork from Mad Devils, courtesy of Itzy Interactive.

As World War II enters its final stages, the Nazi war machine resorts to the occult to turn the tide. When the maniacal Major Strauss plans to open a gateway to Hell itself to reinforce his armies, an elite team is deployed to thwart his plans – The Mad Devils. But sometimes, regular heroism just isn't enough. Dead, defeated, and damned, the Mad Devils regroup in the underworld itself and draw up plans to close the gateway from the other side.

You've got a hell of a mission ahead of you. Cast into the abyss, the now skull-headed Sergeant Jack Asher must explore the afterlife and reassemble his fallen squad. Each member of the team has been warped uniquely by infernal forces, twisting their bodies and empowering them with new demonic abilities. Snipers, demolitionists and heavy weapons experts, now armed with elemental and ethereal magics, all of which you'll have to master in order to finish your fight.

It'll take more than good friends and unbreakable will to smash the Nazi's demonic ambitions. You'll need the biggest, most chthonic weapons you can get your boney hands on, and enough magic to light up the stygian void itself. Collect demonic crystals to empower and customize your weaponry, develop your powers, and earn experience through the power of incredible violence.

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