Keita Takahashi is Working on A New "Super Video Game Project"

Keita Takahashi is Working on A New "Super Video Game Project"
Credit: Keita Takahashi

It looks like Wattam creator Keita Takahashi is hard at work on a new project for 2020.

The mind that brought us Katamari Damacy took to Twitter with an announcement and an adorable illustration to go along with it, touting a new game in the works that sounds like it's going to be taking shape very soon.

"It's 2020 now, and Ryan @Animohler and I have started @uvulaLLC to work on a NEW project," Takahashi shared. "A new project means a new SUPER project. A new super project means a new super VIDEO GAME project. We hope it won't take 6 years to finish, and also thank you for playing Wattam."

The illustration shows a character questioning "New super video game project?" surrounded by speech bubbles that say, alternatively, "Poop game?" and "2026?" on either side of him. It's absolutely adorable.

Currently, Takahashi is at work on the upcoming Play Date's Crankin's Time Travel Adventure, but this project seems unrelated to that. Unfortunately, we probably won't be hearing much more about it in the near future, either.

Uvula LLC's tweet announced that Takahashi is currently designing the new game as well as Wattam's manual for the physical edition, and his game creation partner is prototyping the new game. There won't be any regular updates, apparently, but it's still something very much worth getting excited for.

In the meantime, go play Wattam. It's a beautiful, feel-good piece of art.


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