Could This Leaked Art From Carlos Huante Be From A Failed Star Wars Game?

Concept artist Carlos Huante dropped some concept art for two unfinished games onto his instagram saying "This next stuff was done for a game that was never made." Which is kind of cool. The art itself looks very reminiscent of the Star Wars universe, for both games. The first set look like storm trooper concepts. The second set remind me of Knights of the Old Republic a lot. Wether or not the properties in question are, in fact, from Star Wars games we do not know. What we do know is that Huante has not said much else about the art other than quietly dropping it onto his instagram account.

The first unmade game art, featuring some very storm trooper-like characters, albeit with funkier helmets.

In the past Huante has shared art for an unfinished Jurassic Park 4 movie that was scrapped, but was willing to talk in the comments of his photos about the project they were for. He's been very quiet about these which makes me wonder if maybe – just maybe – this is an intentional leak from a stiffed artist. I've reached out for some more information, but as of publication, I have not heard back.

Huante's second unknown game project images are below, these ones seem to be from some kind of squad game:

Or maybe no one has directly asked him what the art was for. Maybe it wasn't for Star Wars at all but just two other unrelated sci-fi projects. Most science fiction can in some way be reminiscent of Star Wars, as the franchise is so well known its an easy thing to be influenced by even if you don't realize it. And that influence is on both sides- the artist and the audience.

From the second project: this looks both like Star Wars and a little bit like Destiny
From the second project: this looks both like Star Wars and a little bit like Destiny


I'm not entirely sure what projects these two games were, but I'm rather sad we won't be seeing them. Then again, this leak may just peak interest again. We'll see.


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