LEGO & Unity Partner Up To Create A New Microgame System

Some awesome news coming from Unity as they have partnered with LEGO for a new Microgame series with their designs. The system has been designed so that you can access LEGO's vast library of pieces to make your own platforming challenge, which you can then share with friends and try out yourself with other people's designs. What's more, this is completely free with no coding experience required. There's nine different ways to play and plenty of unlockables for special achievements. Looking at it just from the video and images, this feels like LEGO made their own version of Mario Maker. Except for the level design, which uses their assets and, depending on how creative you are, gives you endless possibilities. You can read more about it below along with links on where to try it out.

Make whatever you want with LEGO bricks in the Unity system.
Make whatever you want with LEGO bricks in the Unity system.

Combining famous LEGO elements with Unity's extensibility and workflows made the LEGO Microgame a perfect vehicle to demonstrate how virtual bricks connect like the real ones. By simulating this physical-to-virtual world LEGO creation, we're giving new users a relatable, authentic experience right out of the box, with an ever-expanding list of ways to integrate additional features into your games.  Simple in-Editor tutorials allow new users to follow a guided path that moves quickly from opening your first project to publishing and sharing your first 3D game in less than an hour. You'll understand how everything clicks together while going at your own pace, making your own creative decisions and personalizing your experience along the way. Here are just a few ways you can have fun:

  • Snap together LEGO Behaviour Bricks with embedded gameplay actions that make it easy to construct the interactive LEGO world you want, brick by virtual brick.

  • Select and play with your favorite LEGO minifigure character among four created by LEGO Games (exclusively for this Microgame!).

  • Personalize your game with different Creative Mods plus Add-On themes you can download from the Unity Asset Store to make your game truly unique.

  • Share your playable game with friends, and get inspired by discovering and playing games from other creators on our website.

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